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    Case Studies: Amazon, Gillette, and Starbucks

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    need help with the following attached case studies

    1. Amazon.com
    2. Gillette
    3. Starbucks

    Each question must be at least 400 words and APA.

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    Solution Summary

    1. Starbucks has worked hard to act ethically and responsibly. Has it done a good job communicating its efforts to its customers? Do customers believe Starbucks is a responsible company? Why or Why Not?
    2. Where does a company like Starbucks draw the line on supporting socially responsible programs? For example, how much of its annual budget should go toward these programs? How much time should employees focus on them?
    3. How do you measure the results of Starbucks' socially responsible programs?

    1. Why has Amazon.com succeeded online when so many other companies have failed?
    2. Will the Kindle revolutionize the book industry? Why or why not?
    3. What's next for Amazon.com? Is cloud computing the right direction for the company? Where else can it grow?

    1. Gillette has successfully convinced the world that "more is better" in terms of number of blades and other razor features. Why has that worked in the past? What's next?
    2. Some of Gillette's spokespeople such as Tiger Woods have run into controversy after becoming endorsers for the brand. Does this hurt Gillette's brand equity or marketing messages? Explain.
    3. Can Gillette ever become as successful at marketing to women? Why or why not?