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Describe Organizational Structure of Amazon.com

Describe the organizational structure Of Amazon.com.

Compare and contrast that structure with two different organizational structures.

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Amazon's organizational structure is virtual meaning the internet enables individuals (or entities) to collaborate to exchange goods and services in such a matter that the upper echelons of the corporate structure have limited oversight. Amazon is a networking entity. Amazon's online structure enables sellers and buyers to come together in a way never thought possible before as buyers are able to purchase goods with ease and have those items shipped directly to their place of residence while sellers can post almost anything worthwhile on Amazon, hopefully at a competitive rate. This flexible virtual structure ensures that almost limitless number of goods can be either sold or purchased while comparing those goods to the nearest competitor. Each buyer and seller is rated relative to the ease at which the process took place; hence, ensuring both a satisfied buyer and seller. If the transaction is ...

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The solution describes organizational structure of Amazon.com. The solution compares and contracts the structure with two different organizational structures.