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Organizational Structures: eBay, Amazon & Overstock

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Describe, compare and contrast the organizational structures of eBay, Amazon.com and Overstock.com

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The following posting helps describe, compare and contrast the organizational structures of eBay, Amazon.com and Overstock.com.

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Organization Structure of eBay:
eBay organization structure includes 10 directors, 4 presidents for four different operations of eBay and 6 senior vice presidents. President of eBay Inc holds the post of president and CEO whereas Senior Vice President (Global Products, Marketplace) holds the post of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President-Finance holds the post of CFO. These 4 presidents include: CEO cum President (eBay), President (Paypal), President (GSI), President (eBay Global Market place). The other vice presidents are Senior Vice President-Human Resources (eBay Inc.), Senior Vice President- Legal Affairs and General Counsel and Secretary (eBay Inc.), and Senior Vice President-Corporate Communications (eBay ...

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