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eBay in Japan - Organizational Structure

Please assist with 3-5 paragraphs in understanding the organizational structure and the cultural missteps which occurred when EBay reenterd Japan in 2007.

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The following paper includes a brief discussion on an e-commerce company, eBay's expansion strategy and its entry into Japan. The paper is going to discuss the various problems that eBay faced due to increasing competition from Yahoo Japan. The paper will also synthesize the material in order to get an understanding of the organizational structure and cultural missteps of eBay in Japan.

eBay came into the market in 1996, as an individual-to-individual trading group that gave its sellers the liberty to select the items they wanted to put up for sale and also indicate the price for bid, as well as the duration of the auction. The international ventures of the company began in the year 1998, due to increasing competition from U.S. based websites like Yahoo!, AuctionWatch and Amazon (Ishii, ...

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The response addresses the organizational structure in eBay in Japan in 508 words with references.