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eBay in Asian Markets: Problems and Prospects

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Why does eBay have problems in its Asian Markets? Since Asia represents a very important and profitable market for many companies. It is not unusual for many companies to draw major profits from their overseas operations so, why does Ebay have problem?

Please explain what problems the company had when entering Asian markets and how they managed those market entry problems.

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1. The Asian market is attractive because of its educated and computer literate population, and state-of-the-art telecom infrastructures, among others. Best of all, though, is the potential for growth. Japan and South Korea are the most mature online marketplaces in Asia, but the dollars spent per person online show there is plenty of upward potential.

Grau, Jeffrey (2005). Looking to Asia for Sales. Accessed on 1/9/2012 from http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/6090.asp.

2. Why has eBay struggled in Japan, China and other Asia markets? In Japan, eBay's failure was a series of missteps. Firstly, eBay joined the market five months after Yahoo auctions, giving its competitor a massive head start to establish ...

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The solutions looks at the failure of eBay to capture the Asian market and what it can do to penetrate it.

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