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    International Internet Retailers

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    Many technology companies experienced troubles when the dot-com bubble burst but internet commerce is here to stay. How can an International Internet retailer use their resources to stand out from the others? Compared to physical companies, does an internet company use more or less financial and human resources?

    Research the Cybrary or other Internet sources to research one of the following companies (Yahoo, Google, EBay, AOL, or other internet companies you may be aware of) and explain why it is so successful despite the failures of other dot.com organizations. Explain what you think made this company so successful.

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    EBay's success is based on its ability to transform many fragmented, primarily local markets into global ones at a relatively low cost to its users. People have always had a need and an interest in buying and selling used, surplus, and collectible items. Traditionally, they have done so through garage sales, classified advertising in local
    newspapers, and flea markets. However, the number of people available to complete a transaction was limited because a face-to-face meeting was typically required.

    For a price comparable to advertising an item in the classifieds section of their local newspaper with three or four lines of text, users can post lengthy descriptions and pictures available to a worldwide ...

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