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Marketing exercise

For the last five years, Techno-Aide, a medical imaging industry specialty products company, has been engaged in occasional exporting, but it believes there are a lot of international manufacturing companies that could use its technology. Discuss the four options the manufacturer has for direct exporting.

Philip Kotler, Marketing Managemet - Level MBA

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Direct exporting practices generally require greater initial outlays of funds, personnel, and other resources, and they are generally regarded as riskier in nature than indirect exporting options. But direct exporting can also be a tremendously profitable practice. It basically requires businesses to find a foreign buyer for its products and make all arrangements to deliver those goods to the buyer.

There are four primary methods of direct exporting, each of which entails doing business with a different element of the international business world. The simplest option if you are a small business owner is simply to export your product line directly to the ...