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    International Marketing Research for high-end exercise equipment for Eric

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    Details: Eric has doubts that funds will be available to contract with an external research organization. He asks if you would be able to perform adequate marketing research by yourself using information on the Internet.

    Select a region of the world (not North America) where you feel a market for high-end exercise equipment exists. Beginning with your knowledge of domestic data sources, research your selected region using the Library and the Internet. Summarize your search strategy and research results. Were you able to find useful sources of data on the buying behavior for your product in that region? Did you generate enough data to support a strategic initiative into that region? What is your recommendation to Eric on how to research the international market?

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    Since Eric is trying to conduct research on a budget he will need to get creative. Eric should attempt to model the research based on European purchasing habits since consumers in the United States and Europe are most similar when compared to the rest of the world. You've already paid for some of the most expensive market research available?with your taxes. The U.S. Census Bureau Web site contains demographic information you can use, often broken down to the neighborhood level. The census data is far more detailed than just population and income levels. With this in mind Eric should start at the prg.com web site which is billed as the source for global population information, try here first to locate the latest international census data available online. Maintained by the Population Reference Bureau in the District of Columbia, this online ...

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    International marketing research for high-end equipment for Eric is examined.