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    Sources for researching market for high-end coffee brewing e

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    Hank has doubts that funds will be available to contract with an external research organization. He asks if you would be able to perform adequate marketing research by yourself using information on the Internet.

    Select a region of the world (not North America) where you feel a market for high-end coffee brewing equipment exists. Beginning with your knowledge of domestic data sources, research your selected region using the Internet. Summarize your search strategy and research results. Were you able to find useful sources of data on the buying behavior for your product in that region? Did you generate enough data to support a strategic initiative into that region? What is your recommendation to Hank on how to research the international market?

    Looking for suggestions which regional areas a market for high end coffee brewing equipment systems exists to assist with this task. Experiencing difficulties locating information where commercial market/opportunities in gourmet or high end coffee brewing equipment exists. Assistance recently gathered unfortunately unable to determine/locate sources where information was gathered for further research/reference.

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    Hello Student:I am supplying you weblinks for futher research on the Indian coffee market. Please go through all these links to gather more answers in support of the solution.

    1) http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/bl10/stories/2004012800873100.htm
    This is an article about the growing trend of high end coffee shos in India. This will support the details in the previous ...

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    Sources for researching market for high-end coffee brewing equipment