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    E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Example Questions

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    1. Explain how Web profiling is supposed to benefit both consumers and businesses.

    2. How would you describe the top 10 online retailers as a group? Do they account for a small or a large percent of online business, for example?

    3. What are the two major segments of travel? Which one is growing the fastest and why?

    4. Explain the difference between a horizontal market and a vertical market.

    5. How has the Internet impacted the content that newspapers can offer?

    Please provide detailed answers. List references if used.

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    1. Explain how Web profiling is supposed to benefit both consumers and businesses. Web profiling is the practice of collecting data on visitors to websites. This data is typically collected through the use of cookies, which reveal other sites that the customer has visited. Web profiling can be of benefit to customers and businesses because it allows businesses to target their marketing according to the consumers taste. This benefits the customer by offering more items and services that the customer is actually interested in. Web profiling benefits the business, because by focusing on items that the customer is interested in, the chance of a purchase is increased.

    2. How would you describe ...

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