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This to me is a very powerful commercial. I think I am one of the few women (maybe even people) that actually feels sorry for Tiger. Watching him at the Bridgestone Invitational in my hometown - Akron - it is interesting to see how his personal decisions have really impacted his life tremendously. He can't even play golf well right now because of the stress he is under. This appeals to my emotions & compassion and that's what draws me to it.

Do you all feel that Tiger doing poorly in golf and how much he has stayed somber enhances the compassion people feel toward him?

Do you think this helps his brand image (people can definitely carry a brand image)? How do you feel about Nike supporting him as a sponsor?

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I believe that with what Tiger has gone through recently with his golf and staying sober definitely does enhance people to have compassion on him. Each person reacts differently, but with his current situation, this can work to his advantage when the public can relate to his dilemna. They are more likely to support him through his endeavor, and will do whatever is ...

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This solution provided how a brand image impacts advertising, such as Tiger Woods.

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