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Channel and Brand Consistency

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Can you offer 2-3 paragraphs (opinion) on channel and brand consistency?

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Channel and Brand Consistency

The concept of a "channel" is fairly easy to define: it deals with the presentation of a product over different media. These include phone apps, online shopping, social media, retail stores and traditional distributorships. There is some reason to believe that the image of a brand is most coherently developed in the normal retail store. That is, loyalty to a brand develops best when there is a physical connection with a product and, importantly, in a physical store that contextualizes that image (Klein, et al, 2008). Stores themselves are brands with their own image.

Professor of Marketing Marjorie Kalter of New York University warns retailers about the connection between brand image and channel image. If a firm believes that its web store differs radically from its physical store, they are making an error. This goes to the heart of integrating all channels into a single brand image that is identical to what might be found in the physical store (Viveros, 2007). She also mentions that consumers do not think in terms of channels, and hence, not having a coherent brand image is both false advertising and bad for business.

Klein, et al (2008) stress in their research on brand imaging that the e-commerce elements of the ...

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