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    Individual Research Case Analysis

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    This assignment consists of a PowerPoint Presentation (8-14 slides with speaker notes) in which you will analyze a recently published business research study (of your choice) selected from the academic literature. Your comprehensive analysis should be framed against all the steps suggested in the Sekaran (2003) research process and founded on the skills developed in previous assignments of this course.

    The specific study you select to analyze for this assignment should have between 15-25 pages in length and contain the basic components of a formal research project (a literature review, statement of the problem, hypothesis or hypotheses, data collected and analyzed to test the stated hypothesis, etc.), preferably of a business related topic. The study can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed. Remember to include the source of the study as one of the citations in your fully APA formatted references section so your instructor can search and review, if necessary.

    Information and point form will be much appreciated to help me get started on this. Thank you.

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    Please see the attached supporting article. I hope this helps. Thanks for using Brainmass.

    This assignment is interesting. Since you did not mention a specific article, I am assuming it is left open. After you have chosen the article to analyze, the assignment itself is fairly straightforward, a PowerPoint presentation (8-12 slides, with speaker notes) analyzing the article in terms of Sekeran?s (2003) research process.

    Let?s go through the research steps in the form of a tentative outline, which you can tweak to your own specifications. I filled in some areas from the article and pointed out page numbers for other sections, which you can refer to and draw on. The article is attached for convenience, and because sometimes articles are no longer available on-line. You can also draw on the article for your notes. Every slide needs to have a reference provided.

    The article attached, Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and buying behavior in the evolving multi-channel retail world (Foresee Results/FGI Research, 2005) (available on-line at http://www.brickmeetsbyte.com/images/uploads/FSRHoliday04E.pdf) investigates the impacts of three variables on the evolving multi-channel retail world (see p.2).

    Sekeran (2003) uses a step-by-step research process approach. I located the following steps, which might deviate from Sekeran?s model, but most research models have similar steps so improvising will be easy. In fact, you can use the steps as a tentative outline for your slides:

    Slide 1: Broad Research Area
    - Today?s consumer demand choice and convenience.
    - They ?mix and match? channels according to their needs for product research, purchase and delivery.
    - Therefore, as cross-channel shopping behavior grows mainstream, the best way to evaluate and compare retail channels is to gauge their relative impact increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty (Foresee Results/FGI Research, 2005)

    Slide 2: Preliminary Research
    - Researched the industry
    - Researched business cases with similar challenges (Foresee Results/FGI Research, 2005)

    Slide 3: Problem Definition
    - The need to ...