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Core strategy includes the value proposition and positioning

In five to six paragraphs, state the core strategy which includes the value proposition and product positioning for my product --alcohol monitoring system. A.M.S. is an electronic chip and breathalyzer which is built into the seat belt and computer component of the vehicle. Whether the seat belt is buckled or unbuckled, the el

Marketing Channel Functions

Discuss the benefits of three marketing channel functions, and how they can contribute to a firm achieving a competitive advantage.

External Internal influences

Can you select three external influences and analyze the impact that these influences have on the marketing strategy for operating a day care. Can you select three external influences and analyze the impact that these influences have on the marketing strategy for operating a day care. Can you please write a nice size parag

SWOT Analysis of White Castle

1. Swot analysis of White Castle and make 3 recommendations TO offer to white castle to encounter the threats of their business. 2. Does white Castle has a product, promotion, or price problem? Give recommendations to solve the problem?

Assume you are the VP, Public Relations. Outline a PR action plan.

Martha Stewart is your client. It has just been made public that she sold shares of her IMClone stock with possible insider trading information. She is going to be charged and possibly face time in prison. Her own stock is sliding. What would you do? List objectives for the PR Campaign Define the publics What is the crisis

Relationship Marketing

Questions 1.'A surprising number of corporations place themselves in an adversarial relationship with consumers.' Discuss. 2.What do companies have to learn from old-fashioned service providers? 3.How should companies create a valuable relationship with these customers? 4.Analyze how three organizations that you are

Pricing strategy

Please help with the following multiple choice problem. The Mountain Water Company has developed a line of bottle water products to be sold in grocery stores and conveniences stores. The company will introduce them into the US market over the next six months. The company realized that competition is very intense in the gro

Marketing intermediaries

The production manager at my company argued at yesterday's staff meeting that wholesaling intermediaries or "middlemen" simply increase the cost of products and that is whey company sales are lower. What would I tell the Production Manager? Is there any benefit from marketing intermediaries? Where are my choices? a. The mar

Market logistics

Market logistics is a critical component of successful marketing strategy and a major cost element for company operations. The goal of market logistics is to provide a targeted level of customer services at the least cost. I need to assume I work for a large department store that operates 275 department stores across the US.

Marketing channels

My company produces variety of snacks foods including potato chips, pretzel, and dried fruits. The company has production facilities in Georgia, Virginia, and Massachusetts. The company uses a variety of package sizes for its products, including large "family packs" and individual size servings. The company has targeted gener

Database Marketing and Direct Marketing

1. How can database marketing improve marketing performance? 2. Conduct some Internet research to find examples of companies that employ IT to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 3. What factors have driven the resurgence of direct marketing in recent years? 4. In what way are international Internet privac

Marketing 421

1-Within your organization, how is the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or plan determined? Is the marketing discussed within all departments or is strictly a "marketing department" issue? 2-Have you ever switched from one of your favorite products because of a marketing program generated by a competitor? If yes, did

Target Market,types of retailers,index of retail saturation,

LO1 -2) What three criteria should be met to target a markes successfully? LO2 - 3) What types of retaiers whould be best suted for a neighborhood shopping center? LO3 - 7) Why do geographical information systems include both physical and cultural geography? Give examples of physical and cultural data that may be incl

Media Plan

Please assist with specific feedback with regard to the following questions. 1. Assess the effectiveness of several media channels utilized to communicate a pharmaceutical brand to the target audience (patients and physcians) and which you believe would be the most effective. 2. Evaluate the impact of new technology (Int

Discussion of the Pattern of Target's Market Selection

I am doing some research on the Target Store Corporation. I need to describe the pattern of target market selection used and need to comment on this target market selection supports future market growth? If the Corporation has international sales, describe generally how the firm "enters" foreign markets.

Service differentiating

In well-developed markets, there is a mature set of players with comparable levels of strengths in terms of product development-hence all product offerings tend towards parity. Consumer tastes are also well defined. Therefore, product offerings need to go beyond satisfying basic needs. 1. Discuss the importance and effectiven

Important Information about Marketing Philosophy and Strategy

Marketers must understand the tools of their trade. Using both the textbook and Cybrary resources, research the essential marketing tools, then create a report in which you address the following questions: 1. What is the overall purpose of a marketing plan? 2. How do a marketing plan and strategic marketing plan fit tog

Global Marketing & Ethnocentricity

1. How closely entwined are values and ethnocentricity? 2. How can this relationship hinder global marketing strategy effectiveness? 3. What can be done to limit, constrain, or eliminate the effects of ethnocentricity?

Marketing Segmentation

Market segmentation is an important part of the development of a market strategy. Look at a business, perhaps the one you are employed by, and try to determine how they have segmented the market. Do you see additional opportunities in other segments?

Online Marketing on ticketless travel

Questions 1.a.How is e-ticketing an example of marketing in the digital age, and what particular marketing issues does it pose to airlines and travel agents? b.Why have European consumers been so slow to adopt e-ticketing, compared to their U.S. or Japanese counterparts? Do you believe the arguments put forward in the case

Public Relations Campaign-Riordan

"recommend strategies to build media relations and generate publicity for the organization chosen." a. List objectives for the PR Campaign b. Identify the organization's publics c. Write a media release and create a media distribution list for the media release d. Develop a tactical plan utilizing five PR tools. T

Kodak Marketing

Explain how Kodak uses IMC to build brand identity in the marketplace, and provide an example of how this approach has influenced your behavior.

Kodak Marketing

Evaluate the success of the Kodak and how it is perceived in the marketplace, supporting your position with two examples of personal experiences with the brand.

Concept of Needs: Target market and competition

Target Audience & Competition are the next components to be addressed as part of the process of developing a Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan. To choose an appropriate target market, one must understand how consumers make purchase decisions. In a report to your colleagues, 1. Research then discuss the concepts of

financial planning product

1. Describe a financial planning product that entered the market over the past two to three years and succeeded. Why did it succeed? Describe a financial planning product or service that failed over the past five years. What factors influenced the failure? How did the positioning of each product contribute to the resultant succ


Points-of-differences and points-of-parity are two important concepts of brand development and are driven by two differing strategies-inclusion and differentiation. Devise a list of at least three other products/services that you believe demonstrate points-of-differences and points-of-parity in their brand positioning. You must

Examination of questionnaire design

In a meeting with other members of the marketing department (your classmates), the following comment is made. Briefly compose a reasoned response to this statement: Because questionnaire design is an art, it is useless to follow a rigid set of guidelines. Rather, the process should be left entirely to the creativity and inge