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Public Relations Opportunities for a Product

Identify public relations opportunities for the product.

The product is a handheld device that can be used take an order while the waiter is standing at the table and send the order directly to a screen in the kitchen. When the customer is done eating the waiter will be able to show the customer their bill on the handheld device and, if the customer chooses to pay with a credit card, the device will be able to scan the credit card and print out a receipt without having to leave the customer. This system will reduce the time the waiter takes to obtain and process an order and settle the bill with the customer. The device will also eliminate some paper used because the only printout is the customer's credit card receipt.

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I think the key to this new product is the fact that it will eliminate paper. The green movement is a huge gem in the PR field these days, as everyone wants to be more environmentally friendly. By launching a new product that is completely 'virtual' in nature - i.e no paper is a very big advantage that the company can capitalize on.

The company can send out ...

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