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Applying Marketing Principles

Assignment Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages All of the articles are edited by marketing professionals to ensure quality information dissemination. Stories are added several times per week and cover a wide array of marketing topics. The stories are sorted by category. On the main page click on "Discu

Name an advertising campaign you believe was successful.

Name an advertising campaign you believe was successful. What made this campaign successful? Name an unsuccessful advertising campaign. What made this campaign unsuccessful? Why is it important to evaluate communications and sales effects?

Differences in International Marketing

1. What kinds of information are needed to enable marketing managers to select foreign markets? 2. Compared to a developed country like the U.S. or Germany, what is different about marketing in a less developed country? What is the same?

pre-employment tests

Discuss the different types of pre-employment tests. Include the following: -the overall value -which tests are appropriate for which positions -validity and reliability -any legal and ethical considerations -the role of confidentiality and privacy -how these tests intertwine with job analysis information Use the Libr

Classic Airlines: List two potential marketing recommendations

See attached file. Analyze the current situation at Classic Airlines. Please point out the internal and external pressures contributing to Classic's current crisis, the objectives and obstacles of the marketing department, and the marketing resources available to resolve this crisis. Please assist me with choosing a pr

International Marketing and Goals of Marketing Research

Important note: Please answer the following question writing between 200 to 300 words to each question. 1. Why is marketing research important? What are the goals of marketing research? 2. Can a single marketing strategy meet the needs of various types of buyers? Why or why not?

Ethical Marketing issues: advertising to children, increased prices

1. Does marketing force people to buy products they don't need, want, or can't afford? 2. Is advertising to children ethical? 3. Does marketing increase the cost of goods? 4. What marketing ethical issues have students encountered in their own personal or professional business situations?

The difference between primary and secondary research.

What is the difference between primary and secondary research? When should a company use primary research and when is it appropriate to use secondary research? Why is market research important in developing products and/or services for the global marketplace? What are important considerations in deciding whether to take a produc

When Marketing Crosses the Line: Marketing Ethics

I'm thinking of running a newspaper advertisement and stating: My Tasty Treat Pistachio Almond Fudge ice cream is terrific! It's absolutely the best in the world! I really don't have any hard facts to prove it is the best in the world, so would that ad be unethical? Should I run it?

Define marketing and explain importance to organizational success

Prepare a paper in which you define marketing. Include in your paper your personal definition of marketing and definitions from 2 different sources. Based on these definitions, explain the importance of marketing in organizational success. Provide at least 3 examples from the business world to support your explanation. Be sure t

Recruitment policies for workplace diversity and compliance with EEO laws.

You are in a manager's meeting talking about hiring. One of the managers says that he wants to hire an older person because he thinks an older person will do a better job. In addition, he wants someone from an affluent, primarily Caucasian area. You need to explain to him that his request could lead down a trail of being noncomp

Verbal and Non Verbal communication

Include references to the following: ?Message types discussed this week which include: Verbal and non-verbal communication Characteristics of an effective message. ?The audience impact on the message and how it is delivered. Please provide 300 words.

Environmental Factors Affecting Global & Domestic Marketing Decisions

Environmental Factors Paper Prepare a paper in which you identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. In your paper be sure to address the following: a. Select an organization with which you are familiar that conducts both domestic and global marketing. b. Discuss the high-level

Marketing and TQM

Marketing does not exist in a bubble. The most successfully implemented strategies are ones where all functional departments of an organization are involved. Another term which you may have heard that also relates to this concept is TQM. What is TQM? Now, can any of you tell me why marketers would want to actively work

Five P's to Market a Restaurant or Product

Please select your favorite restaurant or product. How would you apply the five P's to market this restaurant or product? What would you sell, who would you sell it to, where would you sell it and why? Please make sure to address each of the five P's in your answer.

Global Marketing in the U.S vice another country

I need approximately 250 words to answer the following: Explain whether or not any product or service can be marketed globally and if it sells in the United States whether or not it will sell in another country? If you agree that the same marketing techniques can be used in multiple countries and cultures, describe how that i

Promotional Budget

I am dealing with a company called Orion International and I am creating a new service which will be recruiting to civilians. I am in need of creating a budget for the company to begin providing the service.The company currently just recruits for military personnel. http://www.orioninternational.com/employers_services.aspx.

Market Research Implentation Plan

Problem: Develop at least two survey instruments based on online surveys and focus groups (would like to use semantic differentials and questionnaires). Recommend sampling procedures for the implementation of the survey instruments. FYI: along with these instruments, samples of the new product line of juices will be used and

Marketing Research paper - Kudler Fine Foods

I need help with a marketing research paper. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that has experienced significant growth and is now focused on expanding its services, improving the efficiency of its operations, and increasing the consumer purchase cycle. Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which you justify the impor

Smith Systems Consulting New Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy

See attached file. Individual Assignment: Smith Systems Consulting New Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy · Resources: Problem Solution Template · Develop a paper using the Problem Solution Template. · Propose a solution to help Smith Systems Consulting create a customer acquisiti

Market besides products and services

What Can You Market? While reading the Week 1 Papers, I inferred from a couple of comments that organizations can market more than just products or services.