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International Marketing Perspective

Crescent Hydropolis Resorts Plc is franchising and constructing the world's first underwater hotels and resorts. Proposed sites for Hydropolis Hotels include Dubai, Oman, Monaco, Las Vegas and Qingdao. Discuss it from an international marketing perspective. How do they market their product? Who is the target market? What ma

Positioning Strategy for IMC's campaign fpr 24 hour daycare service

Positioning Strategy I have to pretend that I'm a new Marketing Director and write a memo to the VP of Marketing proposing a positioning strategy in relation to the company's IMC campaign for a selected product or service. In the memo I have to address: A. Briefly describe the selected product or service. (I have se

Request for input and insight to each of the global business inquiries...

In your own words, based on your education and experience, provide me with input and insight to each of the inquiries to help enable a better understanding of the content. Thanks. A. What are the basic factors involved in deciding whether to use standardization or customization in global marketing? As a reminder, the ethnoce

Marketing and Marketing Research

1) What is marketing? How does marketing fit into a company overall? How does it differ from sales? 2) What is marketing research? Why is marketing research important to developing marketing strategy? 3) What is distribution channel? What is the relationship between channels of distribution and logistics?

Marketing tools for three websites

Can someone help me? I need help in identifying marketing tools for, and I reviewed all three websites and they all look the same. Would you please also include your observations of the apparent customer service provided by the three websites?

Different techniques that non-profits can leverage

There are different techniques that non-profits can leverage; would you consider that a non-profit might have an easier task of doing socially responsible or humanitarian marketing, based on the fact that they (presumably) already have a mission of helping people?

The Rules of eMarketing

Discuss some of these rules of eMarketing 1. Power shift from sellers to buyers 2. Increasing velocity 3. Death of distance 4. Global reach 5. Time compression 6. Market deconstruction

Developing a marketing plan

Our market plan is Mighty Milk, our target market is 6-12 year olds. We will have varieties such as vanilla, choc, strawberry, straight milk, twizzlers etc. It with be soy milk with natural flavors with cool names and packaging. They could come in drink boxes shrink wrapped together resempling a roll of starburst in the differe

Outline of Websites and Marketing Tools

I need to develop this outline into a paper. Your help is needed to develop the following outline with about 100 words. Outline: 1. Visit the following web sites ( ;; 2. Describes the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites. Include an evaluatio

Global Business Strategies/ Marketing Managing

Imagine you are the marketing manager for a U.S. manufacturer of disposable diapers. Your firm is considering entering the Brazilian market. Your CEO believes the advertising message that has been effective in the United States will suffice in Brazil. Outline some possible objections to this. Your CEO also believes that the pric

Define Roles Of Various Marketing Functions

Details: Your company has had an outside consultant come in and assess job descriptions and roles, and the way you work together. You have been told that no positions will be eliminated at this time, but some positions may be redefined to reflect better working/partnering practices. For this consultation, you have been a

For this Discussion Board Task, submit in a narrative style as if you are delivering a presentation to IPT's owner, Kiana Peterson. Be sure to clearly explain your role and the concept of marketing to Ms. Peterson and the rest of the management and sales staff. Articulate your strategy on how you plan to address marketing for IPT. Consider IPT's current situation and its opportunities, such as the possibility of adding a new line of Pennsylvania Dutch treats, expanding regionally, etc.

For this Discussion Board Task, submit in a narrative style as if you are delivering a presentation to IPT's owner, Kiana Peterson. Be sure to clearly explain your role and the concept of marketing to Ms. Peterson and the rest of the management and sales staff. Articulate your strategy on how you plan to address marketing for IP

Marketing Public Relations - Advertising

Scenario: You are the Marketing Director at a resort development company in the vacation ownership (timeshare) industry, Resorts 123. Resorts 123 is an established, twenty-year- old company recognized internationally. The company was one of the founding originals at the start of the industry's growth. Over the years, Reso

Create IMC campaign

Using the internet, sales promotion and public relations, create an IMC campaign which will increase the sale of Dr. Pepper.

Create IMC campaign

A clinical research organization found out the by taking aspirin may reduce the risk of colon cancer. Create an IMC campaign to get the word out to all involved stakeholders.


John and Lisa own a microbrewey and have a $250,000 budget for promotion. John wants to spend all the money on advertsing, Lisa wants to spend it on an IMC campaign. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each point of view, and which one would you go with?

Impact of technology and ethics on organization

1. Florida's Department of Citrus and a coalition of consumer groups have launched an attack on your company for "deceptive marketing" because your company markets its "SunShine" drink as fruit juice even though the drink contains less than five percent fruit juice. Marketing "SunShine" drink as a fruit juice leads parents to be

Marketing - Multiple choice

1. The marketing research process is a five-step application of the scientific method that includes: a. 0Defining the problem, analyzing the situation, getting problem-specific data, interpreting the data, and solving the problem b. 0Defining the target market, analyzing the customers, getting survey feedback, interpreting t

Marketing Questions

1. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: _____ a. Employment in both the service producing sector and the manufacturing service sector are expected to increase by about 10% between 2000-2010. _____ b. Employment in the service producing sector is expected to double between 2000-2010 while employment in t

Starbucks: Pricing Strategies and Marketing Audit

1. What did you learn about pricing that you did not know? (any pricing that works with Starbucks Coffee Shop). 2. How do you plan to incorporate that pricing from question 1, incorporating the new knowledge about pricing into the 'Starbucks Coffee Shop Marketing Audit? Please use a pricing term/model that works with the

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Please help me to understand what the impact is of a marketing communication objective on the communication strategy of an Integrated marketing communications campaign

Principles of Marketing: Multiple choice questions

1. Which one of the following statements by a company president best reflects the marketing concepts? Pg 11 or 13 ____a. We have organized our business to make certain that customers get what they want. ____b. We believe that the marketing department must organize to sell what we produce ____c. Our company has organized a

Marketing Myopia/Public Relations Myopia

Theodore Levitt (Harvard Business School) once wrote a powerful article about Marketing Myopia. Taking a page from his efforts, how would you describe the term Public Relations Myopia? Give a couple of examples of what you mean.

Planning and Mind-mapping

Have you ever used a technique in planning to cover all the bases such as mind-mapping? If so, does it do the job for you? If not, which type of sequential format have you used?