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Marketing: promotion techniques, coupons, contests; impact of brand Web site

1. Marketers often use sales promotion techniques like coupons and contests to build interest in a brand. Think about the last time you participated in a brand-related contest. What attracted you to the contest? Did it influence your purchase of the brand? Was it effective in changing your purchasing habits? and reasoning, and

Prospecting and Generating Leads

What is prospecting? How does a business generate leads? How are leads converted to relationships? How are relationships converted to sales?


Dear Sir/Madame, I would like to request assistance in developing my Iphone Marketing Plan. Besides the development of a standard marketing plan for the Apple Iphone I would like to request the following: Sales forecast, Market potential, Market share, Competitive structure, Fixed and variable cost , Contribution per

Home Office Systems: Performing Pro Forma Income Statements

The annual planning process at Century Office Systems, Inc. had been arduous, but produced a number of important marketing initiatives for the next year. Most notably, company executives had decided to restructure its product-marketing team into two separate groups: (1) Corporate Office Systems (2) Home Office Systems.

Service Marketing

You have been asked to write a report on service marketing. In your report, address the following: ?What is meant by service marketing? ?What are at least three ways in which service marketing differs from product marketing? ?What are at least three characteristics of service marketing? ?What are the changes th

Marketing Finance

Video Concepts,Inc.(VCI) markets video equipment and film through a vari- ety of retail outlets. Presently,VCI is faced with a decision as to whether it should obtain the distribution rights to an unreleased film titled Touch of Orange. If this film is distributed by VCI directly to large retailers,VCI's inv

Financial Marketing: Starshine Sisters Band

Executives of Studio Recordings, Inc. produced the latest compact disc by the Starshine Sisters Band, titled Sunshine/Moonshine. The following cost information pertains to the new CD: CD package and disc (direct material and labor) $1.25/CD Songwriters'royalties $0.35/CD Recording artists' royalties $1.00/CD Advertisin

Customer Relations department

Your company's Customer Relations department is nothing more than a "complaint department". What steps would you take to make it more proactive rather than reactive?

Marketing Planning for Launch of New Product

Assume you are the Chief Marketing Officer of the company launching the product or service that you have selected. Develop the marketing strategy for the product or service in terms of: Features that differentiate it from the competition Promotion of the product or service Distribution for reaching the customers Pricing


Select a target market segment for your initial launch of the car. Describe why you think this target segment is most appropriate for your car. Once you have selected the target market, discuss how you will create a marketing information system to monitor that segment. How will it monitor external factors in the business env

Positioning India for Medical Tourism

1. Discuss how India should position itself as a healthcare tourist centre 2. Identify the groups that India should target. 3. Discuss why the women motorcyclist market is a good strategic fit with Harley Davidson.

Inferential Data Analysis in Research

How do you define inferential data analysis? When would you use inferential data analysis in research? What is the best way to visually depict market research data? Why? What is the importance of using text and graphs to illustrate research findings within a research report? What are some important components of a research re

Export Marketing

You work for a firm that produces packaged potato chips. Your firm is interested in exporting their product to a different country. You need to select a country other than the one you live in and describe the culture of that country along with the key elements of their marketing system. Would you need to be aware of the differen

Companies doing their own research and potential pitfalls

What are some of the potential pitfalls of a company doing their own research, even if they have a dedicated research department? What are some of the potential pitfalls of hiring an outside firm, even if it is specialized in the area your company needs research? How much weight should be placed on the findings of market researc

Marketing Principles

1. How does culture influence how consumers view the different attributes of a product? Also, how does the culture in which individuals are raised have an impact on the products they buy? How can a seller use culture to sell a product successfully? Provide two examples showing how culture influences the purchasing process. 2

Preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Instructions: Presentation Prepare 2 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with speaker notes illustrating the strategy and tactics of your PR Campaign. : I need help in writing a 600-word paper integrating revised versions of my previous Learning Team Assignment. . Include the following elements in your PR Campaign

Marketing Management in global economic crisis

Could you help me with the following questions. 1. Discuss how the global economic crisis has impacted the way company's market their products/services. 2. Discuss how customers can influence the products and services provided by companies. 3. Identify ways that a company can make marketing every employee's responsibil

Strengths in SONIC PLC

SONIC PLC's Strengths have to be assesed by answering two questions. What do customers think the company does well? How does the rest of the marketplace view the company? These question are answered in an effort to pinpoint the streangths of SONIC.

Subway sandwiches

If Subway were to offer a delivery service how would you Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan

Introduction to Marketing

1. Recently AMA redefined what marketing is. Their new definition is as follows: "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large." Do you agree or disagree with this defin

Reinventing Organizations Strategic Marketing Standpoint

Hello, Read the lecture that is attached and answer the question at the end What is your organization doing to reinvent itself from a strategic marketing standpoint? MKT 421 Week One Lecture A Regenerating Market Plan In a recent survey, nearly 80% of U. S. managers polled believed that quality would be a fundamenta

Stand alone" fax machines

Stand alone" fax machines are now entering the later stages of their life cycle. As a result, the number of channels used by your firm, and the number of channel intermediaries' needs to be re-evaluated. List five (5) other considerations that would require a re-evaluation of channel arrangements?

Advanced Marketing

In designing a marketing channel system, the marketer must understand the service output levels desired by target customers. Channels provide five service outputs. List and briefly describe each of these outputs. List an example for each level.

Marketers feel that the image of the particular channel

Some marketers feel that the image of the particular channel in which they sell their products does not matter?all that matters is that the right customers shop there and the product is displayed in the right way. Others maintain that channel images?such as a retail store?can be critical and must be consistent with the image of

Description of Marketing Questions

1. What role does PR play in your organization? Explain your answer. How is PR utilized in various types of organizations? Provide examples. What are some positive and negative aspects of including the PR function within other departments of an organization? 2. What are some differences between an organization's public and i

Marketing Plan

Creating an Advertising Plan. Identify pyblic relations opportunities for the product or service.