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I need some help please with these PR True/False questions

True/False 36._______Publicity is more effective at influencing the public than advertising. 37. _____The scope of activities public relations practitioners take on makes it quite difficult to narrowly define public relations. 38. Some scholars in the public relations field call Ivy Ledbetter Lee the ¿real

Qualitive or quantative research

A manufacturer of herbal teas wants to know how often and for what purposes consumers use herbal tea products. Indicate whether qualitative or quantitative research is more appropriate. Also recommend a specific technique and justify your answer

Research Objectives - Questionnaire

Based on the following list of research questions, determine the research objective(s) of this questionnaire. Are any of the questions unnecessary; if so, why? a. How many hours per week do you work, on average? b. What type of magazines do you read? c. Do you feel you have enough "free time" away from work? d. What

Changing the Nature of America's Demographics

Given the changing nature of America's demographics, name at least three products that will face increasing demand and three that will face declining demand. Explain your reasoning.

Kudler Fine Foods: Marketing Research

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Justify the importance of marketing research in the development of Kudler Fine Food's marketing strategy and tactics and identify the areas where additional market research is needed. Also, analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis in regards to the devel

Uses the Internet for marketing, sales, and promotions.

Can you help me get started on this assignment? Identify a company that uses the Internet for marketing, sales, and promotions. Answer the following questions for the company of your choice: a. What is the name of the company? b. What is the URL of the company home page? c. History: - Who founded it and when?

Sample size types of research

The following are scenarios of types of research a company elected to conduct. If you were hired on as a consultant for the company, what would you point out as the pros and cons of using the selected method of market research? What other tools, if any, would you use for each scenario? a) A local supermarket is interested i

Consumer Behavior, and the Buying Process

Hi. I need assistance with the following (3) questions: 1. Analyze a scenario where you lost a sale or did not buy from a salesperson. What could have been done differently to have earned that sale or influenced you to buy that product? 2. Describe the buying process of something worth more that $1,000 as it relates to co

Motivation and Values: (Consumer Behavior - Marketing)

Find a good website that addresses Motivation and Values (Consumer Behavior - Marketing) and write an approximately 500 word document describing the site, its contents, and why you think it adds value. Please help me with above! I am stuck! I need a good website that describes the above with a max 500 word count on why...

Outofsight Speaker Co and Washburn Electronics

See attached file. Please look at the attached document to answer questions. Please demonstrate graduate level effort and analysis as you work through this answer. 1. What should be the expectation that Washburn Electronics should have of Outofsight Speaker Company? 2. What should be the expectation that Outofsight

External and Internal Influences Paper

Hi! I only need assistance with the Introduction. External and Internal Influences Paper Write a 250-word paper in which you analyze the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. Address the following in your analysis: *The selected organization/product is Red Bull Drin

Bought a product or idea because of external influences

Hi, I need help answering the following marketing questions: *Please relate your own personal experiences. *Please provide real-world work-place examples. *Please answer questions in the length of 200-300 words each *Please provide all references used 1. Describe a situation where you've bought a product or idea bec

External and Internal Influences - Red Bull

Hi! I only need assistance with the Introduction. External and Internal Influences Paper Write a 250-word paper in which you analyze the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. Address the following in your analysis: *The selected organization/product is Red Bull Drink

Marketing (Sample quiz)

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Question 1 An ad which offers the consumer $1.00 off on his next grocery store visit is most likely aimed at: Answer a. arousing desire. b. obtaining action. c. getting attention. d. holding interest. Question 2 Which of the following is NOT an example of

Deceptive Advertising

Create an example of a deceptive advertisement for a product that is well known to everyone. Discuss how this advertisement could cause harm to the public. Determine whether the deceptive advertisement actually contained any false information or whether it simply misled the consumer and explain your answer.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Paper..

Hi. I need assistance with the following: The Product is Red Bull Drink!!! Write a 300-400 word essay in which you address the following: -Examine the role that consumer behavior plays in the positioning of the selected product or service as it relates to basic marketing concepts. *Again, the product is Red Bull Drink

Marketing Example Problems

1. What are some of the considerations on which companies have to reflect as they attempt to create a price? 2. There are several pricing strategies available to marketers -- two of these are called Market Skimming and Market Penetration. Under what circumstances would you use one or the other? 3. Before we specifically lo

Marketing: Blood Alcohol Level of Victim

5.12 The following contingency table of frequencies is based on a 5-year study of fire fatalities in Maryland. For purposes of clarity, columns and rows are identified by the letters A-C and D-G, respectively. Blood Alcohol

Kudler Fine Foods: Customer satisfaction and new selection of gourmet foods

Create a problem statement from the issues and management's efforts to resolve these issues and achieve the organization's goals. Create an end vision of Kudler Fine Foods by describing where Kudler could be if this opportunity is realized by management action. BACKGROUND: Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty fo

Marketing: Academic Integrity

Hi! I need assistance with the following: Compose a three to five (3-5) page paper on Academic Integrity and focus on the importance of academic honesty and presentation of original academic work. For successful completion, your paper must include three to five (3-5) peer reviewed sources and must be presented in APA format

Psychological processes in consumer behavior

1. What are the key psychological processes influencing consumer behavior? 2. Choose one and provide an in-depth analysis of how that process is relevant to consumer behavior. Make sure to utilize academic and industry research while answering this question.

Principles of Marketing Case Studies

Please see attached cases and I just need brief answers with examples and I will write a two pages for each case. Just I need a brief answers with examples.

Sales and Marketing in the Lodging Industry

Sales and Marketing Paper Prepare a paper in which you analyze the role of sales and marketing in the lodging industry. In your paper, address the following: o Examine the relationship between the marketing and sales in a lodging operation. How can they work together to improve the bottom line of a lodging operation?

Harcourt Marketing (HM) Calculate current profit (net income).

Harcourt Marketing (HM) has the capacity to produce 10,000 fax machines per year. HM currently produces and sells 7,000 units per year. The fax machines normally sell for $100 each. Modem Products has offered to buy 2,000 fax machines from HM for $60 each. Unit-level costs associated with manufacturing the fax machines are

Public Relations & Demographics

Please provide original response. Why is it necessary to know the demographics and interests of your audience before you speak? How do you find this information?