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Data Analysis Design

1. The data collected from the Likert scale in the survey will be averaged and standard deviation found to get an overall idea of the attitudes of the respondents towards Coca Cola COKE. 2. Next the item wise scores will be calculated for the ten items in the questionnaires. This will give a detailed description of the variabl

Marketing and EEOC

There is a fine line between marketing a company's image and hiring those who best represent this image. What steps could a company take to ensure fair hiring practices with the intent of hiring those that fit with company's culture? (give clear examples) Do you feel companies have the right to control who they hire? How do you

Global Gadgets Imports and Cooperative Marketing

The president of GGI asks you about cooperative marketing. Used effectively, it can help companies to increase sales and boost brand awareness and at the same time reduce marketing cost. Is cooperative marketing appropriate for GGI? Help the company president understand how it works, its benefits and its applicability to GGI by

Direct Marketing: Applied Managerial Marketing

Explore both direct marketing and the issue of privacy. One of the most challenging issues for direct marketers is privacy. Privacy affects a direct marketer's ability to both find and reach its audience. This has been an ongoing concern for GGI and now is the time to address it in a formal manner. Answers the following ques

E marketing tools-which website is best?

Make an recommendation for which site is the best based on their emarketing tools and apparent customer service. The websites are:, and www.

Simplex Method

Captain John's Yachts, Inc., located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, rents three types of oceangoing boats: sailboats, cabin cruisers, and Captain Jon's favorite, the luxury yachts. Captain John advertises his boats with his famous "you rent - we pilot" slogan, which means that they company supplies the captain and crew for each rente

American Airlines: Marketing Tools

Describe American Airlines in relation to their marketing tools and apparent Customer Service (no less than 200 words). Provide at least two references.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is very critical to the current and future success at the workplace, especially in today's dynamic and competitive business environment in the sense that it binds all the activities of the organizations and moves the organization in the correct direction towards the achievement of corporate goals, mission and

NHL's New Jersey Devils - Marketing

Topic: New Jersey Devils (NHL) Hockey Team Current Mix: Product: NHL Hockey Price: $60 (approximately) Place: (IS Key): Currently, NJ Devils play hockey games at Continental Airlines Arena in Rutherford, New Jersey which is Suburbia New Jersey. There is no mass transit; however, does have a huge parking lot. Fans ar

Non Scratch Auto Paint Purchaser Overview

Describe who are the organizational buyers and consumers are of the product NON SCRATCH AUTOMOTIVE PAINT (made up product) and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Discuss how these factors will impact your marketing strategy

Organizational and Societal Functions of Public Relations

I need help with the following questions: 1. Please explain in detail the why employee relations and investor relations are examples of organizational functions of public relations as well as why media relations and community relations are functions of societal public relations. 2. What are the similarities and differenc

Media Storage Strategy

Right now, I have asked to develop a small market analysis View product : Basically, it is a media storage rack. I found out that sales of CDs have been declining since early 2000s. I need an analysis offering media storage strategies for a declining market. Just trying to mak

Prepare power point for Article Reports with summary and critical review.

Prepare a power point summary and critical review. Cite the article as: name of the author (last name of the first author first and first names of any co-authors first. Report should be about 16-20 slides long. The first slide (top of page 1) should have the complete citation of the article. The remaining slides should provide a

Managing a marketing campaign

You are a project manager in the marketing department for a global investment management firm, LRH Financial. The company is launching a multi-million dollar TV and print marketing campaign, which will include sponsorship of major golf and basketball tournaments. You have been discussing the project with the VP of Marketing, Ala

Marketing Leadership Challenge: Juggling Cultures

Leadership Challenge: Juggling Cultures Culture, gender, and leadership can be closely intertwined. In most cultures, even Western cultures, leadership is associated with males. This is even more the case in many Arab Muslim countries where women play a limited role in public and business life. As a leader of a business di

Societal Marketing

Would Sprint's Red Razor or Verizon's Hope-line program where they provide funds from the sale of refurbished phones for victims of domestic violence and awareness of the the cause as well as linking individuals to the hotline through their phone with a specific code? Both industries not only listened to their customers wants

Global Companies and Web Marketing

"More and more global companies recognize the promise of the web as a direct marketing tool to build ties with customers worldwide. In that capacity, the web can be used to: (1) attract and engage customers, (2) communicate and interact with them, and (3) support and retain consumers." For, address how well it do

Satellite Radio

I am writing a paper about the new merger between XM Radio and Satellite Radio. I need to come up with a marketing plan and I am having some problems with the following areas. I am supposed to be a CEO/CMO. 1. Who uses our product and how do we create value? how is it measureable? 2. What is the life time value of our custom

Integrated Marketing Strategies

Select a local/nearby nature center, park, or other non-profit-organization. Research the media mix it uses to promote itself and special activities. What role do these promotions serve? Describe the direct and media marketing programs. Are they integrated? If yes, describe how. If not, describe what could be done to improve and

Leading Coffee Chain

You are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into Japan. What are some of the environmental and economic factors that you will need to consider in marketing your coffee in Japan? What company would you hire to help introduce your product or c

Gateway and Dell Advertising

Select one of the following categories: computers (Dell and Gateway), mobile phones (such as Cingular and Verizon), restaurant franchises (such as Subway and Quizno's), and insurance (such as Allstate and State Farm). Research and discuss the choice of advertising media used by the two organizations in your assigned category. Co


Who is the target market for Colgate (Palmolive) - Crest (Proctor & Gamble)? I am having extreme difficulty locating the target market/audience for the companies as their primary product is toothpaste for all ages of the population coupled with a wide array of other products. For instance, Colgate offers toothpastes for plaq

Marketing Tools for food supply business

Is there someone out there who can help my team with understanding the correct marketing tools for three companies that we pick for our assignment. Ben E. Keith,USFOODS and Sysco. and to evaluate all three sites for the best customer service. And what will the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that their website must addre