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    Sample size types of research

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    The following are scenarios of types of research a company elected to conduct. If you were hired on as a consultant for the company, what would you point out as the pros and cons of using the selected method of market research? What other tools, if any, would you use for each scenario?
    a) A local supermarket is interested in understanding what their image is in a particular market. Cashiers drop a short questionnaire into the grocery bag of each customer who makes a purchase.
    b) To assess the interest level for new horror movies staring alien robots, a major studio asks people to call a 900 number and vote yes if they would like to see the movies and vote no if they would not like to see the movies. Each caller is billed $2 long distance charge.

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    Having direct contact with your 'sample size' (people who shop in the store) might theoretically be a great way to attract them to the survey.
    - Pro: The cashiers have the opportunity to target the sample size directly, with no recruiting costs, costs to send out the survey (stamps), and with minimal time wasted (survey is quickly slipped into the bag)

    Imagine you come home with your groceries in many bags. You get home, empty the bags, put away your food, and then either recycle or reuse your bags. How often do you look in your bags for any papers, especially if they are white, and your bags are white? This is even more true if the participant is unaware of the survey, since the cashier slipped it into the bag without informing the client.
    - Con: Most of the time, the surveys will get lost in ...

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