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    Sampling Process

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    What is sampling and why do we use it?

    What are the steps in the sampling process?

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    Sampling is a way to gather statistics about a group of people or things.

    Sampling is done when organizations, companies, etc. want to find out something specific about a certain group of people. For example, an ice cream store wants to know who eats more chocolate - male or female? The ice cream store will randomly select customers and question them about the flavors of ice cream they like to eat. They can deduce the information further by seeing if there is a specific age group that likes one flavor more than another.

    Sampling groups cannot be biased otherwise the results will be inaccurate - for example, biased sampling groups would be if the ice cream parlor only surveyed males over the age of 30.

    If you are looking for a scientific definition of sampling, William M.K. Trochim in The Research Knowledge Base Text Books defines it as "Sampling is the process of selecting units (e.g., ...

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    This posting explains what the sampling process is and why it is used in research procedures. It talks about the advantages and disadvantages with examples of survey questions and how to apply the sampling process.