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Major budget forms

Please help with the following problem. List and briefly identify each of the major budget forms that can be applied to advertising.

Marketing Forecast

The shoe company that I was recently hired is working on next year's sales forecast for its line of women's casual shoes. The company has been in the shoe manufacturing and sales business for over 35 years and sells shoes through a chain of stores located throughout three market areas, the Northeast (New England, New York), Upp

Marketing macroenvironment forces

I have just been elected chairperson of this summer's community little league. I will be responsible for running the little league baseball season this summer for all the children in my community. The town donates the use of the local park's 5 baseball fields and local businesses usually donate needed equipment or funds. Typical

Marketing and what it is?

Marketing is a basic function of all organizations. But what does marketing consist of? I need to explain what marketing is (what does marketing consist of, what are business are trying to accomplish with marketing) by using an example from the normal operation from a company like one that franchises a chain of fast food resta

Social-cultural component of the marketing environment

The social-cultural component of the marketing environment has a significant impact on business primarily because ________. a. It shapes beliefs, values, and norms that significantly define the preferences and tastes of people in an area. b. It defines how the local economy will develop and the strength of the local infr

Marketing-communication strategy and consumer behavior

Questions 1. What is "copy testing"? Explain its use. 2. What are subliminal stimuli? Give an example. 3. What are transformational advertisements? Give an example. 4. Explain the difference between purposeful learning and incidental learning? 5. Differentiate between "think" and "feel" products. Give an examp

Facilitating marketing institutions

1) Define the sorting process and its four steps. Give an example of each step. 2) Facilitating marketing institutions are powerless in the marketing channel. Agree or disagree. Explain. 3) Why should a retailer be concerned about a channel's length and width? After all should not the retailer just care about making a prof

GE is an amazingly large company...

GE is an amazingly large company made up of 11 major divisions that operate in areas as diverse as home appliances, jet engines, security systems, wind turbines, and financial services. The company is so large (2003 revenues of $134 billion) that even if each of its 11 business units were ranked separately, all would be one of

CRM and channels of distribution, product policy

The conference has come to an end. Your complete Strategic Marketing Plan is now due. Revise your current draft by applying the critiques from the Group Project in Unit 4, and add the following components to create your final plan: I WILL ADD THE PRICING FROM UNIT FOUR DB AND THE DRAFT CAN YOU GIVE ME THESE BELOW , I HAV

Public Relations questions

1. Define Public Relations (PR) 2. Express how PR is integral to the marketing mix. 3. Examine the impact of PR on society. Give an example. 4. Explain PR's role and functions within an organization. 5. Define publics. 6. Explain the impact of effective communications to internal publics. 7. How do you evaluate the n

Budweiser Lager

Budweiser Lager was first brewed in 1876 by E. Anheuser & CO., St. Louis. Today, Anheuser -Busch is the larges brewer in the world in terms of volume, and it competes across a diverse range of markets. The company oversees more than 30 different beer brands, including the domestic market leader Budweiser, a number of other alc

Market Analysis

Please provide an evaluation of the fundamental economics of marketing/selling Pfizer's product Detrol LA (or a prescription medication in general); including, market demand, market potential, available market, and market share objectives. Thank you

Concepts of "needs"

Target Audience & Competition are the next components to be addressed as part of the process of developing a Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan. To choose an appropriate target market, one must understand how consumers make purchase decisions. In a 5-6 page report to your colleagues, Research then discuss the concepts o

Pfizer's Philosophy & Pricing Strategy

1. Please discuss Pfizer's general philosophy on pricing and the role pricing plays within the organization. 2. An assessment of the various pricing strategies considered for their overactive bladder product Detrol LA. 3. The pricing strategy selected, and the rationale behind why it was chosen.

Implications for the Disney brand in Japan

Please assist with ideas for about Marketing and business strategic planning regarding WDIG in Japan using the case study "Walt Disney Internet Group Japan's Dimo Project" by Phillip Sugai. 1. Describe the business environment within which the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) Japan team is offering its mobile content and ser

'Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix' (Marketing Management)

How might a small volume producer (Niche Marketer) competes with a large volume producer (Mass Marketer) ? Eavaluate the product-market strategies of each & discuss the fators that enable each producer to increase market share at the expense of the other: - In the SHORT TERM - In the LONG TERM ---------------------------

Validity of focus group findings

In a meeting with other members of the marketing department (your classmates), the following comment is made. Briefly compose a reasoned response to this statement: If a focus group's findings confirm prior expectations, the client or organization can forego any quantitative research. Do you agree with this statement? Wh

Investment companies and ethnic communities

Do you know of any examples of other investments companies treatment towards or lack of for the ethnic communities ? I am trying to search the web, however so far I have not seen any. Do you have a defnition for high net worth client? Also I am unclear about this ethnic segment. I thought this group had not been targe


I need to know that how might a small volume producer (niche marketer) manage to compete with a large volume producer (mass marketer)? and what are the likely differences in the product-market strategies of each? and the factors that enable each producer to increase market share at the expense of the other in short and long term

Sales promotion

What are the advantages and limitations of different types of sales promotions? What's an example of one that was either successful or unsuccessful for a business?

Consumer Savings

Are there any circumstances under which more steps in the distribution channel can save the consumer money?

Market Research

Please provide feedback regarding the following questions. 1. A description of the research methodologies you would employ if you were going to conduct an actual market survey. 2. A description of the research instrument(s) you would employ. 3. A listing of the types of secondary information sources you would evaluate. 4.

What is the rational for a comapny to "go global?".

What is the rationale for a company to "go global?". What is the relationship between information technology and global marketing? How has e-business affected the relationships among market participants? What are the essential marketing skills required for future marketing practitioners? Please answer these questions in de

Stage-Gate Model Paper

Below is a question I have come up with regarding product development and the stage-gate model that I feel will significantly improve my understanding of product development. Your expert assistance is very much appreciated. Use the conceptual framework of Stage 1 and Gate 1 to generate and evaluate three or four new product d