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Marketing questions

1. Did the expert's suggestions for the tobacco industry response surprise you? Why or why not? (1 Paragraph) 2. How closely entwined are values and ethnocentricity? (1 Paragraph) 3. How can this relationship hinder global marketing strategy effectiveness? (1 Paragraph) 4. What can be done to limt, constrain, or elimina

Promotion and Price Analysis

Select a product or service. Find examples of how this product or service is being promoted via at least three of the following sources: Print, television, radio, internet, point of purchase, direct mail, telemarketing, publicity: Identify the promotional message(s) and provide a detailed description of how this message(s) i

Marketing: Assess Anheuser-Busch's effort to reach an agreement with the Czechs

Please see the attached files with the questions at the end of each article. --- Bud VS. Bud What's in name? In the case of Budweiser, the answer is, "Quite a bit." Budweiser, of course, is a registered trademark of St. Louse-Based Anheuser-Busch, the world's largest brewing company. At the present time, however, Anheus

Global marketing strategies

Denise Chisholm Unit 1 DB Global Marketing Acer, Inc., manufactures and markets personal computers for the consumer and home office markets, as well as chips, monitors, keyboards, CD-ROM drives, and other hardware. For more than 15 years, Acer manufactured computers in Taiwan and shipped them to dealers throughout the world.

Consolidated work sheet /balance, etc.

P3-15A - Terry Duffy Corporation purchased all the outstanding common stock of Henning Plastics, Inc. on December 31, 2002. Just before the purchase, the condensed balance sheets of the two companies appeared as follows. Duffy used current assets of $1,200,000 to acquire the stock of Henning Plastics. The excess of this purch

Marketing a Coffee Brewing System

An idea that I have for a marketing class is that I have decided to consider marketing a coffee brewing system under a major name brand coffee distributor. I am thinking of marketing something like Starbucks brewer like: The problem I am having is that I don't know where to start in d

How Attitudes Are Formed & Changed and Marketing Milk to Teenagers

In the United States, dairy farmers and milk processors are challenged with persuading teenagers and young adults to drink milk. Once a child turns 11 or 12, his or her milk consumption drops off dramatically. Although milk marketers have had some success with the "Got Milk?" and Milk Mustache marketing campaigns, attracting tee

Managing and Delivering Marketing Programs: two-level channel of distribution

1. How would you, a manufacturer of exercise equipment, benefit from the addition of another channel of distribution to the two-level channel it now uses? 2. When motivating channel members, you have several sources of power from which to draw. List those sources and give an example of how each can be used.

Media Plan & Marketing Strategy

Now look at the marketing for your favorite department store. In this case I chose JC Penney. The assignment is as follows: Write an analysis describing the media plan it uses and how it achieves the marketing strategy for the store. Discuss what works effectively and what you would do differently. Describe the techniques yo

Discussing Functions of Public Relations

Can you please explain the organizational and societal functions of public relations (PR). From the following list can you help me identify which ones are organizational and which are societal? I also need to understand at least one function considered to be an organizational function of PR and one function considered to be soci

Outline for marketing product

Marketing strategy on "introducing flavored milk beverages to a target market of 6 - 12 year olds". 3Submit a complete outline based on the information described in point 4 as well as a paragraph or two explaining briefly what our marketing plan will entail and why. 4) The outline should refer to the followi

Explain organizational and societal functions of PR

Explain the organizational and societal functions of PR: What of the following is organizational and which one is functional? communications management media relations social responsibility community relations employee relations publicity

Marketing spotlight

Marketing Spotlight - Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975, when Bill Gates left Harvard at age 19 to work with high school friend Paul Allen on a version of the BASIC programming language. After moving the company from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Seattle in 1979, Gates and Allen began writing <a href="operating%20system%20s

Competitive Markets and Marketing Strategies for Scion

The "It" Car for Gen Y? In 2003, Toyota introduced an entirely new brand into the market. Scion ( is owned by Toyota, sold side-by-side at Toyota dealerships, and buyers have financing arranged through Toyota Motor Credit Corp, but that's where the relationship ends. Scion targets, and aims to represent,

Come up with 10 marketing plans.

You have just started your first marketing job and your first assignment is to develop a marketing plan for a new product. The first step in the development of the plan is to find some examples of plans that other companies are using in which you can find ideas. Using your course materials, the Cybrary, and/or the Internet, l

Marketing Management: Guess Who's Coming to Denny's

Marketing Management Case Study Guess Who's Coming to Denny's Few allegations are more damaging to a company's reputation than charges of racism. When systematic racism is revealed in the ranks, strong- and often momentarily painful remedial action must be taken. This is precisely what Denny's restaurants did to the t

Analyzing Marketing Opportunities

America is a fat nation in which almost 2/3rds of all Americans are overweight. This national weight problem is causing a variety of severe health problems in both adults and children. For example, four percent of adolescents now have Type II diabetes (which typically never effects youths). Among the reasons for this problem

Analyzing Marketing Opportunities; Trends in the Marketing Environment - obesity

Identifying and Understanding Trends in the Marketing Environment Consumer behavior is influenced by both internal and external factors. Internal factors, also called the personal factors, are things like motivation, learning, and perception. External, or social, factors include things like social norms, family roles, and c

Conglom Foods: how can a marketing person help with the product development

See attachment defining a matrix organization. You have been hired as the marketing strategist for the beverage unit of Conglom Foods. Conglom operates in a matrix structure; people from "support" divisions, such as marketing, work within product units (e.g., beverages). There are marketing strategists in other Conglom units;

Managing a Crisis Using PR: Simulation Summary

I completed the simulation "Managing a Crisis Using PR" and needed to write a summary answering the following questions: Please help me in answering the best way you can!! a. What does proactive planning mean? b. What feedback mechanism would you develop in this situation? c. What is an ineffectual way

Action-Cal: marketing channels, objectives, managing, evaluating channel members

I'm doing a powerpoint presentation, it's about Action-Cal, here the whole deal The beverage unit has been using the following channels to distribute its product line: Direct sales: restaurant chains, hotel chains, under the Conglom Mixer brand Indirect sales: to other beverage manufacturers, who re-label the product and se

Data Analysis Design: Enrollment of College of Business Administration

Create your data analysis design using the information below. Research Topic: Enrollment of College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University- Kingsville (General information about research topic) Texas A&M University-Kingsville is located in historic Kingsville, a friendly, safe city of 25,000 that is the home

PR Campaign: Strategy Paper

I was assigned to develop a tactical plan utilizing at least five of the PR tools listed below. Can someone help develop a better plan or least explain what I need to do? These are the comments I received from the instructor after I wrote my portion. Teacher's comments: Tactical Plan--This looks like a rough draft in

Public relations questions are posed.

1. Why is important for an organization to communicate quickly and honestly in a crisis situation? Give examples on how this has been done effectively or ineffectively from news events you may remember or were a part of a company. 2. Why is it important to integrate anticipated crisis responses in an organization's proact

Has TV advertising lost power?

Your company is considering the use of television to advertise its product. The CEO has asked you and the other members of the marketing department (your classmates) to evaluate this option. In particular you are to debate the following issue: Has TV advertising lost power? Long deemed the most successful advertising medium,

Develop a marketing plan

It's time to develop a marketing plan. Bring together everything you have learned and experienced to date, and create a thorough, detailed plan for one of the following products: An established beverage manufacturer is introducing a completely new product - flavored milk beverages. The target market is 6-12 years old. A se