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Competitive intelligence consulting firms

Assume you are an established manufacturer of an industrial product (as opposed to a consumer product). You are thinking about opening distribution channels in foreign markets, and maybe even establishing an overseas office.. 1) Search the web and list two competitive intelligence consulting firms that you will recommend

Dissertation based on branding activities of Samsung Electronics

I am currently undertaking a dissertation based on branding activities of Samsung Electronics. I am currently undertaking a literature review. What i think i need to loot at are, the theories of branding and corporate branding. I found that there are differences in product branding and corporate branding. I roughly know what the

Technology and Crisis Management

Do you think that if the Tylenol crisis involving cyanide poisoning were to occur today new technology such as the Internet would have impacted the case differently? Due to the globalization of markets, would the outcome of this crisis be different if the events occured today?

Auto Industry environment in USA

I need an evaluation of the auto industry environment in the United States and the industry's attractiveness. Ex. barriers to entry, reaction of competitors, ect..

Concept Selection method

How might you use the concept selection method to determine which product features should be standard and which should be optional or add-ons? What are some ways you could communicate a concept for a new user interface for an automotive audio system? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach?

Sonic-Introduction of PDA

Sonic, a hypothetical start-up company, is getting ready to introduce a new multifunction personal digital assistant (PDA), also known as a handheld computer. Sonic's new product in entering a marketplace crowded with offerings from palm, Handspring, and other PDA makers. Despite intense competition, Sonic can rely on numerous s

Charles Schwab's website

Charles Schwab offers a wide range of investment and financial services. When someone visits or calls a Schwab office, employees can bring up the customer's records and talk knowingly about services best suited to the person's situation. Browse a) How does this web site confirm Schwab's customer focus?

Sources for researching market for high-end coffee brewing equipment

Hank has doubts that funds will be available to contract with an external research organization. He asks if you would be able to perform adequate marketing research by yourself using information on the Internet. Select a region of the world (not North America) where you feel a market for high-end coffee brewing equipment exi

Retail Trends

How do you feel that ebay has effected current retail trends? How has this impacted buyers behavior?

Tactical Plan

Develop a tactical plan utilizing at least 5 of the PR tools listed below: Direct Mail Internet/Intranet Event Planning Promotional items

Public relations campaign

A financial organization wants to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace. I need to come up with a public relations campaign to help this company achieve this. What could be my target audience for the PR campaign? Please be detailed and give many examples. What would be some issues that I could


What is the brand of headphones that are worn by almost all of the professional football coaches? and Why?

Marketing Research for JavaJoy's Approach to International Expansion

Scenario: JavaJoy, Inc. was founded by Hank Sanchez in 1980. His vision was to elevate coffee to the epicurean level of fine wine. Hank's family had been in the coffee bean brokerage business for generations but he knew that even the finest and most carefully roasted coffee beans required an excellent brewing system to achiev

Personal Selling & Customer Focus

You are a salesperson for a small boutique shop, Studio Productions, specializing in print design, web design, motion graphics, DVD production, and presentations. Your company is located in an urban area where there is much competition in a dwindling economy. The company consists of the original 2 owners/partners, 1 office ma

Marketing/International Business Question

To whom it may concern: The below question will need to be answered with at least 200 to 400 words with at least two references. This is for a research project that I am conducting and I will reference you accordingly. Thank you. Question: What are some of the growth issues in an economy that is being restructured,

Advertising Plan ?

I need help discussing an Advertising Plan. In my class we have a concept for a delivery service for one of the local drug stores. We think that the home delivery of Pharmaceutical prescriptions is a good idea for the stores to promote. One of the last things in the paper is an advertising plan. I know this is short notice b

Need help with examples

Can you please give me four examples that will explain the four channels below Channel advantage Channel coordination Channel Conflict Channel Power

Mike's Market

Mike, the owner of Mike's Market, which is a convenience store, is concerned about low sales. Over the past year they have gone down. He's not sure how his customer base is changing, but he'd like to be able to monitor that. In addition, he suspects that his store image may be playing a role in losing customers. Draft a questio

Probablility Sampling, Nonprobability sampling

1. Which problem would best be addressed using a probability sample? Why? What type of sample would you suggest and why? 2. Which problem would you address using a nonprobability sample? What type of sample would you use and why? What can you gain by such an effort? Problems: Will the restaurant be successful? How should

Restaurant Survey

What questions would you ask in an online survey to understand the following topics: Demand Design Operating characteristics Advertising placement location The survey will be given to participants online and will be used in the opening of a new restaurant.

Sources for Demographic, Product, Market, Information for a beverage unit.

I am looking for as many websites as I can find that will be useful in gathering market information. I have been given a large assignment. I will be expected to create Marketing Information System Tables, and perform a multitude of other tasks. I am trying to find websites that will give me the type of information that I'm lo