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Mike's Market

Mike, the owner of Mike's Market, which is a convenience store, is concerned about low sales. Over the past year they have gone down. He's not sure how his customer base is changing, but he'd like to be able to monitor that. In addition, he suspects that his store image may be playing a role in losing customers. Draft a questio

Probablility Sampling, Nonprobability sampling

1. Which problem would best be addressed using a probability sample? Why? What type of sample would you suggest and why? 2. Which problem would you address using a nonprobability sample? What type of sample would you use and why? What can you gain by such an effort? Problems: Will the restaurant be successful? How should

Restaurant Survey

What questions would you ask in an online survey to understand the following topics: Demand Design Operating characteristics Advertising placement location The survey will be given to participants online and will be used in the opening of a new restaurant.

Sources for Demographic, Product, Market, Information for a beverage unit.

I am looking for as many websites as I can find that will be useful in gathering market information. I have been given a large assignment. I will be expected to create Marketing Information System Tables, and perform a multitude of other tasks. I am trying to find websites that will give me the type of information that I'm lo

What are the key elements of Microsoft's marketing strategy for the Xbox 360?

Marketing Spotlight - Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975, when Bill Gates left Harvard at age 19 to work with high school friend Paul Allen on a version of the BASIC programming language. After moving the company from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Seattle in 1979, Gates and Allen began writing operating system software. Wh


What types of questions would be asked in a focus group for determining what type of promotional material/media should be used to promote the opening of a new restaurant? What is the best type of survey to use for this focus group?

What are the organizational and societal functions of Public Relations?

Can you please explain and give your personal opinion, of what are the organizational and societal functions of Public Relations? Please differentiate between both. How do you categorize organizational and societal functions of P/R? What similarities and differences exist between the both? Please give some scenarios

Marketing Brand Name

Overview of the company: Kathon product sales have been disappointing considering the potential market available and the quality and benefit provided to consumers. The product is a metalworking fluid designed to kill microorganisms in metalworking fluids. The factor which has contributed to the poor results was brand recognit

Mall Development

You work for a shopping mall development and management company. Your company is considering adding on to each of the malls that it manages. These additions would house a common area for individuals to gather and rest while shopping. This area would include couches, chairs, televisions, video game equipment, books and magazines.

positive and negatives to using the internet service

Prompt: A large computer parts company has been traditionally doing well by building strong customer relationship and obtaining loyalty in their products. However, they were introduced to an internet service for manufacturers that uses search engines that can cross reference parts from multiple manufacturers based on part numbe

Trading up and down and the Business Cycle

Trading up and down are product strategies and are closely related to the business cycle. It seems that firms trade up during periods they are doing well and then trade down during recession. Why do all business seem to follow the same?

Marketing Research/Buyer Behavior

My research topic is reducing Obesity in Children. I need help getting started. Any help will be appreciated. Throughout the course, you will be developing a marketing research proposal. For this unit, complete the following tasks: ? Select a research topic. ? Define the research problem. ? Develop the research appro

Identifying and Understanding Trends in the Marketing Environment

Identifying and Understanding Trends in the Marketing Environment Consumer behavior is influenced by both internal and external factors. Internal factors, also called the personal factors, are things like motivation, learning, and perception. External, or social, factors include things like social norms, family roles, and cul

Public Relations

1. I need to understand what Public/Relations mean? I need your personal opinion about what P/R means and three definitions. 2. What does it mean when they say compare and contrast, because I have to compare and contrast these definitions in my paper? 3. Also, why do you think there are so many different definitions of PR

Public Relations Scenarios

Assume you are the Corporate Communications Director for the organization when responding.... Part 1- You've just been told your company (a Fortune 100 public company) will miss its quarterly earnings target. How do you announce this and to whom? As you consider your response, keep in mind these key elements- 1. Wha

Mkt 421 Questions

1. Distinguish between a generic market and a product-market. Provide an example. 2. In your own words, explain several reasons why marketing managers should consider international markets when evaluating possible opportunities. 3. Explain what market segmentation is. 4. Discuss the impact of the new teen cycle on m

Marketing Research and Buyer Behavior

You are the marketing manager for Sweet Cookies, Inc. which is planning to launch a new line of cookies and wants to assess the market size. The cookies have a mixed chocolate-pineapple flavor and will be targeted at the premium end of the market. Discuss the six W's of a descriptive research design and how they may be adopted f

Enviornmental Factors that impact an organization's marketing decisions.

See the attached file. Please give some examples of high level domestic and global environment factors that can impact an organization of marketing decisions? In what forum does technology impacts the marketing decisions? (What do they mean by that)? What is the relevancy of social responsibility and ethics as related

Identifying Segmentation

Identify segmentation criteria that can impact a target selection. Describe the organizational buyers and consumers and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Define the competitive landscape for a product and service Can you please be specific with examples for each questions and speak on your own opini

Marketing concepts

There are two with with a couple of questions. Thanks for your help. --- Benetton Group S.P.A..: Raising Consciousness and Controversy with Global Advertising Benetton Group S.p.A., the Italy-based global clothing retailer, exhibits something of a dual personality. Academics have hailed the company's information techn

Marketing questions

1. Did the expert's suggestions for the tobacco industry response surprise you? Why or why not? (1 Paragraph) 2. How closely entwined are values and ethnocentricity? (1 Paragraph) 3. How can this relationship hinder global marketing strategy effectiveness? (1 Paragraph) 4. What can be done to limt, constrain, or elimina

Promotion and Price Analysis

Select a product or service. Find examples of how this product or service is being promoted via at least three of the following sources: Print, television, radio, internet, point of purchase, direct mail, telemarketing, publicity: Identify the promotional message(s) and provide a detailed description of how this message(s) i

Marketing: Assess Anheuser-Busch's effort to reach an agreement with the Czechs

Please see the attached files with the questions at the end of each article. --- Bud VS. Bud What's in name? In the case of Budweiser, the answer is, "Quite a bit." Budweiser, of course, is a registered trademark of St. Louse-Based Anheuser-Busch, the world's largest brewing company. At the present time, however, Anheus

Global marketing strategies

Denise Chisholm Unit 1 DB Global Marketing Acer, Inc., manufactures and markets personal computers for the consumer and home office markets, as well as chips, monitors, keyboards, CD-ROM drives, and other hardware. For more than 15 years, Acer manufactured computers in Taiwan and shipped them to dealers throughout the world.