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Marketing, Internet and Competitive Intelligence

How has the Internet impacted marketing research e.g. time, cost, approaches and validity? What is competitive intelligence? What is the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis in modern-day marketing?

Measurement and Evaluation Plan

Define/explain high-level program success factors for a marketing plan by evaluating stakeholder expectations. Define the specific key metrics that are commonly used to measure the success of activities within a marketing plan. Identify the specific metrics that are used to measure internal marketing project implementatio

Memo of IPT's promotional, pricing, distribution strategy

Its Popcorn time is the company name.. Preliminary market research indicated that target market for IPT has the following characteristics: Age groups: young adults, middle-age adults Income levels: from lower middle-class and upward Consumer groups: individual consumers and businesses Buying method: currently, 35%

Product cost Produt development process

Estimate what fraction of the price of a pocket calculator is required to cover the cost of developing the product? Diagram a process for planning and cooking a family dinner. Does your process resemble the generic product development? Is cooking dinner analogous to a market- pull, technology push, platform, process-inten

Currency Values

From Tuesday, May 16th through Monday, June 5th, 2006 I need a table of the daily value of the currency of Italy (compared to the US Dollar). How did the currency change compared to the dollar: Is it stronger or weaker? How does this fluctuation affect: a. An importer? b. An exporter? c. An investor?

Discussion question

Select any three major marketing concepts and explain why they're important to a company's success. (I need about 50 to 75 words for each concept) Then, choose one of the three selected above and elaborate on it. (I need about 100 words)

Marketing Role and Processes

Your role and the idea of funding a marketing campaign are being challenged by "Its poptart Time" financial adviser, who happens to be a close friend of owner Kiana Peterson. The financial adviser wants to know, step by step, what you are going to do and the benefit of each step. 1. Discuss why marketers focus on processes

Hierarchy of effects model/Buyer-readiness stages.

Johanna Ibrahim is a director of marketing communications for a manufacturing company that wants consumers to replace their gasoline-powered gardening tools with the company's electricity-powered ones. Using the hierarchy of effects model, explain what she should do at each of the six buyer-readiness stages.

International Marketing

A. Why would you as a Marketing Manager want to market your products or services overseas? b. Give examples of how marketing mixes are relevant to international marketing.

Marketing exercise Mod 5

For the last five years, Techno-Aide, a medical imaging industry specialty products company, has been engaged in occasional exporting, but it believes there are a lot of international manufacturing companies that could use its technology. Discuss the four options the manufacturer has for direct exporting. Philip Kotler, Marke

Marketing exercise

There are certain areas of Birmingham that are so rough that Domino's, Pizza Hut, and many other restaurant chains will not deliver to them. Homeboys Restaurant Delivery and Catering Service will deliver. With a bank of phones and two drivers, the company picks up at the restaurant of your choice and delivers to your doorstep. I

Marketing question

Many people today do not know which fork to use when they are invited to a seven-course dinner. They don't know the proper way to eat a strawberry or butter a piece of bread. To provide this etiquette knowledge, many companies, especially those in the Silicon Valley, are hiring a service that teaches an eight-hour course in etiq

Marketing question - Pillsbury

When Pillsbury introduced its Oven Lovin' cookie dough in a resealable tub, it looked like a guaranteed success. Early focus groups raved about Oven Lovin' dough. Within months of its introduction, the dough was available in 90 percent of the supermarkets in U.S. Pillsbury conducted five extensive promotions featuring the produc

No competition

1) Sharon Solomon is an entrepreneur who created and markets cooking videos under the brand name At Home on the Range. She has explained to friends that she has no competition because there are no cooking instructional videotapes currently on the market. Respond to Solomon's statement. Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management,

Corporate Ethics - K Mart

K-Mart sends one of it's employees to Wal-Mart to apply for a management position with the intent of researching their satellite-based, "Just-In-Time" merchandise inventory / delivery system. It's not a classified system and is built using off-the-shelf technology that's available to everyone. Is K-Mart ethical? Is it breakin

Factors influencing business and marketing environment

In their book Radical Marketing, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin lay out a set of guidelines that can help other companies emulate the radical marketers. Review the list, pick three, and explain why you think they've had the most impact on changing the business and marketing environment. 1. The CEO must own the marketing function. C

Good corporate marketing or unethical corporation

1. Given the two scenarios below, discuss if they are examples of good corporate marketing, or unethical corporations taking advantage of the consumer. Fully explain your answer please: A. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars researching new drugs to cure disease. Once these drugs are released, the company

Marketing Industrial Analysis

I attend a small University in a major city. We compete with 2 larger state Universities. My marketing plan is to do an industrial analysis using the 2 state schools and my small University as their Professional Education Program (PEP) analysis. I am trying to put together a power point presentation of the Industrial Analysis of

Develop Marketing Strategies for Company's Computing Product Lines

PROBLEM: You are a member of a team that has been assigned to develop marketing strategies for the company's home office computing product lines: -Desktop PCs -Notebook computers -Handheld minicomputers Choose one of these product lines and describe how you would market the product to any three of the following grou

Marketing a small college in a big city

I have been employed as the Professional Education Program (PEP) Advisor for a small college to do an SWOT external analysis for the college. Our advertising budget is limited to $20,000. I need to create ways to get our product (education) out to the community and county so they know we are here and affordable and we have a goo

Marketing Budget

A fictional Products yearly income, Cost of Goods sold can be 250, but as I said it is a fictional product, so all of this is made up, so whatever fits in with the amounts given will satisfy the requirements. --- Dr. Scholl's board of directors has determine the percentage of the budget that will go towards the marketing bu

Developing more Products than can be Marketed

Question: "One of the scientists working in the Research and Development department told me the other day that he actually has to be involved in developing at least six different products for every one we market. He said they were "precursors," I think it was, of the final product. He even said he didn't know what product we wou