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Marketing Tools for food supply business

Is there someone out there who can help my team with understanding the correct marketing tools for three companies that we pick for our assignment. Ben E. Keith,USFOODS and Sysco. and to evaluate all three sites for the best customer service. And what will the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that their website must addre

Public Relations vs. Advertising?

1. Were someone to approach you and ask "what is the difference between public relations and advertising," what would you tell them? 2. What is the difference between them? 3. What are the similarities? Thank you for this assistance. Take care.

Designing a Direct Mail Package

Design a direct mail package for my made up service Mike's Wings. This will be what the reader opens up in the mail and gets their attention to want to come and eat at Mike's Wings. My company's name will be Mikes Wings - a sports bar. Mikes Wings will be the leading Wing restaurant in Atlanta, GA with a rapidly developing

Operations Management: Scheduling Needs for Different Systems

Traditionally, flight attendants have worked in a seniority system with defined roles including service, giving safety information and leadership in emergency, assisting passengers, cabin preparation, etc. Many at Going are dissatisfied, feeling that best performers are insufficiently rewarded, and that their intellectual capabi

Marketing research and connecting with customers

What do you think about doing this kind of check up on your research? Pitney Bowes sales force forms what it calls reality commissions. 'You can go out and academically study the market and draw some conclusions about what your customers want, but at a certain point you need a sanity check on all your assumptions,' states Syn

Buyer Decision Process

According to scenario provided below, I need to interview two people, but I have no idea which questions or approach should be the best for the interview, please provide guidance. Find two people who recently made a purchase of the same type of product or service (e.g., a meal at a restaurant, a piece of furniture, a pair of

Market Segmentation and Target Markets

E-commerce businesses tend to have very sophisticated Marketing Information Systems. In the online environment, it is easier to collect and track information on visitors and purchasers than with brick and mortar enterprises. Keep in mind, nowadays companies give you "membership card" or ask for a phone number to track what you b

JavaJoy Executive Summary

Hank is very happy with your work and has asked you to go ahead and develop a marketing research proposal to determine if the company should pursue development of products for the consumer market. At this point you are not concerned with specific product features, just the feasibility of creating a position for JavaJoy in the co

Discuss: Entering International Markets

The successful introduction of your company's direct-marketing website has resulted in a considerable number of orders from overseas customers, notably from Germany, the U.K. and China. However, since your company has no retail partners outside the U.S., it will be necessary to find a retail company with which you can partner to

Advertising Message - Nike and Coca-Cola

With so much advertising "noise" in the marketplace, what can a company do to ensure its message is heard? What are some of the challenges that a marketer such as Nike or Coca-Cola might face in terms of measuring promotional effectiveness versus a direct marketer?

Swan Systems develops and manufactures under-the-sink residential water filtration units that remove chlorine and other chemicals from drinking water. This Dutch company has successfully expanded sales of its units in the European market for the past 12 years. Six years ago, Swan started a U.S. manufacturing and marketing division and three years ago an Australian manufacturing and marketing division.

Swan Systems develops and manufactures under-the-sink residential water filtration units that remove chlorine and other chemicals from drinking water. This Dutch company has successfully expanded sales of its units in the European market for the past 12 years. Six years ago, Swan started a U.S. manufacturing and marketing divisi

Basic Components of Avertising & PR Campaign Process

Write a proposal to the Project Director, explaining the four basic components of your advertising and public relations campaign process. Describe what decisions you will make at each stage of the process and state your action plan to complete the stages. What are the four basic components?

Sales and Profitability

Mature Markets: In mature markets there is an established set of companies. Since all of them have access to latest technologies, there are very few differences among them. There are no significant advantages, no unique selling propositions. In such situations, the task of the marketer becomes very difficult. Augmentation:

Marketing Promotions used by Dell and Apple Computers

Discuss the marketing promotions used by Dell and Apple computers. Compare and contrast the promotional activities - both online and offline - and discuss why they are successful/or not. Use promotions currently being used by each organization. Focus the comments on the communication medium and messages, and how they align with

Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention is a cost effective and profitable strategy. In fact, research has discovered: Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers. It costs six times more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a customer. G

Customer's Unmet Needs

Thinking about customer's unmet needs how can a marketer identify those needs? Why is it important to consider product substitutes for unmet needs?

Consumer Value Migration

Research reflects that there are five primary reasons for consumer Value Migration or Switching. Based on your expanding awareness of Customer Retention, what do you feel are the top five reasons prompting this phenomena. Please explain your choices.

The marketing communiction mix

The marketing mix consists of six major modes of communications which are advertising, sales promtion, events and experiences, public relations, direct marketing and personal selling. Please show how you would use personal selling and direct marketing in marketing a baskeball sneaker.

Forecasing definition and Market Demand

- Describe forecasting and market demand? - Explain the impact of forecasting market demand? - Describe the key marketing concepts and principles that are used in forecasting marketing demand?

Evaluation of ethics surrounding data collected in a survey

What is "Truth" in reporting survey results? Doctors were surveyed to find out what brand of butter substitute they recommend for their patients concerned about cholesterol. The results: Recommend no particular brand: 80% Recommend brand A: 5% Recommend brand B: 4% No other brand is recommended by more than 2 percent

Demographics and Psychographics

I would appreciate any help in addressing this question. I have a fair grasp of the subject but am not able to put it in words or compile it properly. Thanks a lot in advance for your help on this. Discuss and identify demographics and psychographics for one of the four pairs. Select only one. - Porsche automobile and Fo

Market Segmentation

Based on the product you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper, Address the following: - Identify the segmentation criteria that will impact your target market selection. Identify your target market. The company is Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals, this is an actual company The product is called SANOVEX it is a slee

Customer satisfaction

Phillip Kotler says today customers seek more than a low price, good service, and products and services - what they really desire is an EXPERIENCE. Please assess Kotler's premise. Do you agree or disagree? Is effective marketing today about "Making It an Experience" for customers? If so, what constitutes such an experience?

Consumer behavior

A group of marketing researchers is discussing the moral restrictions on the behavior of their target group. They're most likely applying the _______ personality theory.

Obesity and fast food

Write a paper taking a position on business ethic versus consumer responsibility as it pertains to marketing. It is imperative that you take a stance on the subject and then use your analysis and writing skills to create a persuasive argument defending your position. Examples of consumer responsibility versus business marketing

Is marketing a conversation?

Please provide assistance with the following questions: 1. Discuss the premise that Marketing is a conversation. 2. If so, define how the conversation can or should evolve - what are its stages? 3. What makes for an effective Marketing conversation? 4. Is a Marketing conversation different from other conversati

Evaluating Advertising Plans

Once you have identified the target audience, determined the communication objective, designed a message, chosen media, set the budget, established the overall communication mix, and checked to see if the promotional mix is integrated properly with other marketing communication efforts, its time to put it all into a written doc

Questionnaire Design

Right out of school you get your dream job that relates to your favorite sport: You're the marketing manager for a small company that gives flying lessons in ultralight planes to college students. A summer intern shows you the questionnaire below. In terms of Figure 8-6, (i) identify the problem with each question and (ii) corr