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Forecasing definition and Market Demand

- Describe forecasting and market demand? - Explain the impact of forecasting market demand? - Describe the key marketing concepts and principles that are used in forecasting marketing demand?

Evaluation of ethics surrounding data collected in a survey

What is "Truth" in reporting survey results? Doctors were surveyed to find out what brand of butter substitute they recommend for their patients concerned about cholesterol. The results: Recommend no particular brand: 80% Recommend brand A: 5% Recommend brand B: 4% No other brand is recommended by more than 2 percent

Demographics and Psychographics

I would appreciate any help in addressing this question. I have a fair grasp of the subject but am not able to put it in words or compile it properly. Thanks a lot in advance for your help on this. Discuss and identify demographics and psychographics for one of the four pairs. Select only one. - Porsche automobile and Fo

Market Segmentation

Based on the product you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper, Address the following: - Identify the segmentation criteria that will impact your target market selection. Identify your target market. The company is Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals, this is an actual company The product is called SANOVEX it is a slee

Customer satisfaction

Phillip Kotler says today customers seek more than a low price, good service, and products and services - what they really desire is an EXPERIENCE. Please assess Kotler's premise. Do you agree or disagree? Is effective marketing today about "Making It an Experience" for customers? If so, what constitutes such an experience?

Consumer behavior

A group of marketing researchers is discussing the moral restrictions on the behavior of their target group. They're most likely applying the _______ personality theory.

Obesity and fast food

Write a paper taking a position on business ethic versus consumer responsibility as it pertains to marketing. It is imperative that you take a stance on the subject and then use your analysis and writing skills to create a persuasive argument defending your position. Examples of consumer responsibility versus business marketing

Is marketing a conversation?

Please provide assistance with the following questions: 1. Discuss the premise that Marketing is a conversation. 2. If so, define how the conversation can or should evolve - what are its stages? 3. What makes for an effective Marketing conversation? 4. Is a Marketing conversation different from other conversati

Evaluating Advertising Plans

Once you have identified the target audience, determined the communication objective, designed a message, chosen media, set the budget, established the overall communication mix, and checked to see if the promotional mix is integrated properly with other marketing communication efforts, its time to put it all into a written doc

Questionnaire Design

Right out of school you get your dream job that relates to your favorite sport: You're the marketing manager for a small company that gives flying lessons in ultralight planes to college students. A summer intern shows you the questionnaire below. In terms of Figure 8-6, (i) identify the problem with each question and (ii) corr

Marketing Pricing - Goodmark's Stationary

John Wenman, merchandising manager at the Goodmark's stationary store, is setting price for Craft fountain pens. The pen cost him $5 each . the store usual markup is 50 percent over cost, which suggest that John should set the price at $7.50. However, to make this price seem like an unusually good bargain, John begins by offeri

Describe the value of branding for both the buyer and the seller.

Describe the value of branding for both the buyer and the seller. How would you go about developing a brand for the product and/or service you are writing about for your project? What are some ways of promoting brand loyalty? Please also discuss why, for at least the personal computer, many customers prefer a no-brand-name PC? I

Public relations questions

1. Explain PR's role and functions within an organization. 2. Explain the impact of effective communications to internal publics. 3. Describe the differences between advertising and public relations. Give specific examples of each. Describe when an organization would use each. 4. Recommend strategies to generate positive p

Information search on Lexus and the luxury car market

While conducting marketing research about LEXUS: Conduct an information search on the luxury car market. It should be an updated information such as current market share, future trend... etc, Provide a luxury car market review to support the attached article. Restrict area: 1. Luxury car in the market share (current) ,

Organizational Ethical Process

Discuss organizational ethical processes as well as regulatory and legal rulings that might affect consumer trust when using an eBusiness Web site.


Choose an example of market segmentation. Discuss the criteria used to segment the market and the strategies used to appeal to the segment.

Select a common household product or service. Then select three different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with your selected product or service. Are the different organizations using different pricing strategies? What strategies are being used and why?

Let's look at a 6 pack of Charmin toilet paper as an example. This product can be purchased at a Supertarget for $2.50/pack, A&P grocery chain for $2.75/pack or a local convenience store for $3.50/pack. The reason that you pay the most at the convenience store is because of the fact that the convenience store cannot offer the s

Marketing Analysis

Please provide reference that will allow me to find the following information I need to know what are the key elements of the marketing analysis.

Mercantilist ideas

Are there circumstances when it is appropriate to employ mercantilist ideas to promote a favorable balance of trade?

Target market selection

What are the various segmentation criteria that must be considered for target market selection? Which one of the market segmentation criteria is most difficult to identify and measure? As part of your response, consider the characteristics of buyers and the factors that influence their purchasing decision.

Marketing Audit

I am doing a marketing audit on the paint industry and I chose Valspar Corporation. Can you please assist with the following questions of the marketing audit. Within Valspar Corporation's marketing information systems I have the following questions: a) Is accurate information being obtained and distributed in a timely fash

Marketing Management Questions

Why is the first step (problem recognition) in the consumer purchase decision process, probably the most important? If you were a healthcare provider who recently acquired the technology to genetically assess people for future diseases, how would you determine to what target market (s) to offer this product or service? Mar

What type of sampling technique does this represent?

To test the effectiveness of a new type of plastic handcuffs, a law enforcement agency puts the cuffs on a sample of 30 persons who belong to the local weightlifting club. None is able to break free from the cuffs. What type of sampling technique does this represent? Explain your reasoning.