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External changes impact on IMC Campaign; post-evaluation of campaign

Only Question 1 and 3:

1. How does the overall IMC evaluation compare to each separate tactical evaluation? Why is this important? How do changes in the external environment impact overall IMC campaigns?

3. What is the importance of conducting a post-evaluation of an IMC campaign? When should a post-evaluation of an IMC campaign be conducted to be the most effective? How can this information be incorporated into future campaigns?

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1) The power of an IMC campaign is the fact that each individual tactic combines together to form an overall, integrated campaign. Thus, when evaluating an IMC campaign, it is best to look at all of the activities put together. We want to make sure that the entire campaign was successful as a whole. Usually an IMC can contain several components, and we want to evaluate the components on a whole. We want to make sure the individual pieces work well as a sum of all of the parts. This is different than individual tactics which we would look at and evaluate one at a time.

This is important because often each IMC piece might not give so much info to the consumer. For example, in a 10 second teaser radio ad, the ...

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The external changes impact on IMC Campaign and post evaluation of campaigns are examined.