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John and Lisa own a microbrewey and have a $250,000 budget for promotion. John wants to spend all the money on advertsing, Lisa wants to spend it on an IMC campaign. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each point of view, and which one would you go with?

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Q.1 John would like to use all $250,000 towards a campaign that is only based on advertising. Lisa would like to use the budget to create a full IMC campaign. First, I will examine John's point of view.
Only using advertising.
Advertising is by far, the best-known way of promoting a product and is particularly effective for products which are consumed by the mass market. It is also a wonderful way to present a consistent message to consumers across time, which could help build brand loyalty.
Advertising comes in many forms - media ads (tv or radio), internet advertising, out of home advertising (billboards, bus shelter poster ads), print ads (newspapers, magazines), product placements on TV shows, testimonials from famous people, etc... A media mix could be created which would use some of the forms of advertising listed above. The current situation for Lisa and John's micro-brewery is the fact that they are a small company, and have a mere budget of $250,000. A typical big beer company has a budget of millions of dollars - they can afford to produce million dollar commercials and air them during prime time.
What are the advantages of using only advertising?
The message that Lisa and John would project would ...