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Identifying quantifiable elements

I am responsible for identifying quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and control the effectiveness of our marketing plan. What are quantifiable elements as it relates to our product feature that I need to research and submit? Our presentation is on a new Ice Cream Bar

How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow

Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - describe in one paragraph for each of the five needs on how your brand addresses the customer's needs. There are five levels in Maslow's pyramid. At the base are physiological needs. Then come safety, social belonging, and esteem, and at the top, self-actualization, which is where people

product the salesperson should recommend to customers

Scenario 1 A salesperson would be able to make a $100,000 sale today for her company by providing a good, but less-than-optimal, solution for the customer (we'll call this "Product X"). However, the salesperson knows that another of her company's products ("Product Y") would provide a better solution for half the cost ($50,0

Classic Airlines

Based on the Classic Airlines scenario, answer the following questions: What is the situation? What challenges exist? What opportunities exist? What is the problem? Is there a problem? Is it worth solving?

Important information about Customer Feedback

How can a company capture customer feedback without alienating customers in the process? Are there situations in which you as a customer are more likely to provide feedback? If customers are more likely to provide feedback when they have unpleasant experiences, what can marketers do to minimize the potential bias or skew

New Product Development and Marketing - Wash n' Dry

I just developed a new product named Wash n'Dry which basically is an automatic process from washing to drying, more economical by intelligent wash system, direct drive system, child-lock, built in heater, low noise speed control system and Auto restart. I need to do the following to complete the product marketing: (1). Wh

Target and WalMart Virtual Fieldtrip

Target and WalMart Virtual Fieldtrip Who do you think the primary target market is for each site? How do they differentiate themselves from each other? What do you think each company's overall positioning is? What interesting or unusual content did you find on each site? Summarize your findings and describe challeng

Yahoo travel marketing tools

I need at least 350 words describing Yahoo Travel marketing tools used and an apparent evaluation of customer service provided by Yahoo Travel.

Baby Boomers and Market Forecasts

Discuss: When the first baby boomers hit retirement, what types of information would assist you in forecasting market potential and future demand for products and services of this emerging "maturity market?"

Describe the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites below:

I need to draft a page section that describes the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites below. Perhaps including an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site could expand understanding of the marketing tools to that page section. 1) 2) 3) www.o

Retailing Location Analysis and Market Selection

A on-line retail expert once said "the number one issue for website success is getting traffic to the site. Another retail expert indicated "I would rather have better traffic than more traffic. While these two statements appear to contradict each other they are also consisted. How?

Marketing and Product Development Research - Z-Wing

The company I work for, Z-Wing is working to keep up its market share now that its closest competition has captured 47% of the current market. The Head of Commercial Aviation has been tasked with "staying ahead of Janssen (the competition) and maintaining Z-Wing's position as a world leader". Chairman Aaron Weiss has asked your

Marketing Research vs Intuitive Decision-making

What are the pros and cons of using marketing research as compared to intuitive decision-making? What is an example of a situation where market research would be preferable to intuitive decision-making? What is an example of a situation where intuitive decision-making would be preferable to market research? No more than 200 word

Case Study - The case of the test market toss-up

Please help me so I can complete the following assignment: Write a detailed case study following these outlines. 1. Identification of the Issues 2. External Analysis 3. Internal Analysis 4. Alternatives 5. Decisions and Implementation 6. Measuring Results

Children's Web Sites: Advertisements and Marketing

Visit 5 Web sites that are designed to appeal to children. Examine the types of advertisements and other forms of marketing communications you see there. Are they appropriate for the age group for which the site is targeted? Do you see any advertisements that you think are inappropriate? Does the site comply with COPPA (Children

Marketing Products and Coupons

Many marketers put coupons in magazine and newspapers today. Others place tear-coupons in supermarket and other store displays. The latest in couponing is Internet placement. The buyer can just print the coupon out and take it to their local store to use. Provide a detailed answer to the following (remember that active parti

Marketing Research

What sites have free market research information regarding such items as: demographics, industry.. like the consumer electronic industry for Best Buy Stores?

Important information about Environmental Protection

Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. Justify your position. To participate fully in this discussion, you can locate information using the Library's web links and article search engines. Here, you will find links about environmental protection. As a group, select a business (

Uncommon e-commerce company customer value proposition

Select an uncommon (avoid well-known) e-commerce company. Visit its Website and describe its business model based on the information you find there. Identify its customer value proposition, its revenue model, the marketplace it operates in, who its main competitors are, any market strategy appears to be. Also try to locate infor

The Three Dimensions of the Customer Satisfaction Index

The three dimensions of CSI are: 1. Overall customer satisfaction 2. Likelihood of repeat business 3. Likelihood to recommend the company to others What could be the 4th dimension? Assume that the product and the brand you are looking at is Nike Sneakers. For each dimensions defined in CSI, design at least an item t