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Unstructured Versus Structured Questions

You are conducting a marketing research study for an internal department in your company. You are proposing using unstructured questions. Explain to your internal client the advantages and disadvantages of unstructured questions as compared to structured questions.

Marketing environment for Green Forest Facial Tissues

For the following use the new "Green Product", Green Forest Facial Tissues made by Green Forest Paper Products, owned by Planet, Inc. Identify three (3) marketing environment forces (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, or cultural) that will impact this type of product. Describe each force and analyze w

Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation for Coca Cola

Examine the key elements of advertising the product Coca Cola. Research the company for the campaign that supports that product. Include: o What is the advertising message? o To whom is the advertising message directed? o What is the relationship between consumer behavior and target markets? o How is the product po

Emotional Appeal in Advertising

What is the role of emotional appeal with effective advertising creative? Would you consider humor to be an important element for effective advertisements? Why or why not? In what circumstances might humor not be appropriate?

4 Accountring problems: Main Street Marketing, Arizona Company, Frame It Company

Please see attachment. 1) At Dec. 31, 2009, the general ledger of Main Street Marketing had the following account balances. All adjusting entries (except for income taxes at 40%) have been made. The company had nine thousand shares of common stock during the year. Accounts Payable $7,340 Accounts Receivable 12,980 Accrued

Public Relations and Social Media

Can you help me to find at least two examples of public relations and social media that you've personally experienced in the past week and what makes them effective or ineffective.

Advertising Plan and Creative Brief for Baderman Island

1. Learning Team Assignment: Advertising Plan and Creative Brief Your Learning Team has been selected as the ad agency for Baderman Island, a fictitious company located in the list of Virtual Organizations. Resources: Virtual Organization found on student Web site, Internet, University Library Select one of the following

British Petroleum (BP) Public Relations

Take a look at the British Petroleum home page. Select one PR tactic and evaluate it based on effectiveness. Who is the target audience for this particular tactic? http://www.bp.com/bodycopyarticle.do?categoryId=1&contentId=7052055

Public Relations: Measurable Objectives

Why are measurable objectives important to the evaluation phase of the public relations process? What are the advantages of measurable objectives? What are the disadvantages?

Marketing: Create customer loyalty; measuring sales performance

1. How do you create customer loyalty? How could a consumer behavior cause a need for changes to your sales plan? What consumer behaviors have caused you in the past to make a change to your plan? 2. What are some effective methods for measuring sales performance? How often do you plan on measuring your sales performance? How


Marketers have observed that consumers meet their needs in different ways, often because they have different perceptions. Consumers apply selective processes to manage the marketing stimuli that flood them every day. Describe three selective processes and how they affect consumers. Which of these three most affect you?

Difference Between Narrow Casting and Broadcasting

Narrow casting is more effective than broadcasting for the reason that narrow casting aims for a much broader audience with minimal limitations that are otherwise enforced on broadcast radio or television by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Broadcasting applies a plethora of limitations on what should and should not

Emotional Marketing: Ideas for story about Animal Cruelty

I am attempting to write a story about Animal Cruelty. I was watching this commerical last night about how an organization is overseeing the animals that have been abused and nelected. Could you please give me some ideas on how to get this started, what direction I can go into and how or what would you write in such a stor

Advertising and societal trends

Historically, how has advertising affected society in general? How does that continue today? Provide an example. Does advertising create societal trends or do society trends create advertising? Explain

Prospecting Generating Leads in Business

Hi. I need help with the (2) questions below. 1. What is prospecting? How does a business generate leads? How are leads converted to relationships? How are relationships converted to sales? Discuss how your company handles each phase of the customer relationship process. 2. Why is it important for you to reevaluate a sal

Guidance needed on problems on marketing and investment

2. Grommit Engineering expects to have net income next year of $20.75 million and free cash flow of $22.15 million. Grommit's marginal corporate tax rate is 35%. a. If Grommit increases leverage so that its interest expense rises by $1million, how will its net income change. b. For the same increase in interest expense,


1. How would managing a sales team be different from managing an office staff? What types of leadership styles are most appropriate for leading a sales team? What is your leadership style? How can you, as a sales manager, promote positive character attributes in the members of your sales team? 2. What happens if a manager man

Principles of marketing

Several years ago, a brewing company led a charge of microbreweries in an attack on the established brewers' domestic beers. Explain and describe the following in your report: What is micromarketing? How might it have been used by microbreweries? What communications channels would be most effective? Evaluate the strategy.

Principles of Marketing for Car Insurance

Car insurance Describe how the company uses the direct channel of distribution. Describe how the company uses the indirect channel of distribution. Give your opinion as to which channel appears to be more efficient for the company described

Example of Effective Introduction: ISO 14001 Presentation

I need assistance writing an effective introduction based on the following information below: ISO 14001 Presentation Your team has been hired as consultants by a company and is meeting with the executive board. - The current state of the organization in relation to ISO 14001 certification - Where the organization woul

BP and Public Relations as a result of the Gulf oil spill

As I'm watching the news about the horrible oil spill that BP has taken the blame for, do you feel that they will ever make a come back from causing the greatest environmental detriment in history? How could a PR firm ever take them on as a client and make this all right and make us believe in this company again? Would you take