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Studio Productions: Suggestions to improve the selling process

Studio Productions sales force calls on businesses, such as advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, Internet managers, etc., to solicit a variety of graphics projects to create for clients. Selling is a process rather than simply order-taking: What suggestions do you have to improve the selling process? Co

Jefferson- Pilot Financial: Growing the Sales Force

Do I need to comprise the below captioned questions to include the marketing mix and strategy? If so I really need assistance in comprising the mktg mix and strategy with the below captioned questions into an essay form. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a career sales force versus an independent sales f

Ad Analysis: Provide an example of an ad

Select a television, print, billboard, or radio commercial that you can recall within 30 seconds. Describe the ad, identify the target audience and key message(s), and state why you find the ad either effective or non-effective. Be sure to fully explain your rationale for your response.

Business Case Scenario

Would the below questions down below be all part of the second major marketing mix tool - pricing. How can I use the the questions and answers below to formulate and essay? Many thanks! 1. What type of new product pricing strategy would be involved in considering a new free checking product for the bank? 2. What types

What are characteristics of good customer service in business sales?

Recently you heard complaints regarding the "attitude" and "empty promises" from a customer regarding one of the other salespeople. One customer, who has been a patron since the beginning, has even threatened to take their business elsewhere. Knowing that one customer can influence potential new customers, you ask the owners to

High/low pricing strategy

In which situations is the high/low marketing strategy appropriate? Is this strategy appropriate and compatible or not appropriate for Kmart after its acquisition by Sears. Please provide sources if used.

Hybrid Channel Distribution Programming

1. Explain the concept of a hybrid channel distribution system. Provide an example. 2. The most advanced supply-distributor arrangements for administering VMS's involve distribution programming. Explain the components of distribution programming. 3. A decade ago, the advertising-to-sales promotion ratio was about 60

Discussion Question: market research for products for a health benefits company

How does a health benefits company determine what new products will be introduced? Is this effective? Why or why not? (If you do not know how a health benefits company makes this determination, answer the questions based on how you think this may occur OR how it should occur.) What are the market research methodologies that

Dell, Starbucks: marketing metrics, designing control systems, feedback data

Identify at least 2 companies that have faced specific issues related to selecting marketing metrics and how they solved their issue. Marketing metrics to include designing control systems step by step in regards to obtaining feedback data and evaluating feedback data and taking action, designing decisions for strategic cont

Sony PlayStation 3 New Console Launch

1.If you were in charge of the Sony PlayStation 3 launch for the holiday season of 2006, how would you position the new console? (Who are you targeting and what value proposition are you highlighting?) 2.How worried should Sony be about the unexpected success of the Nintendo Wii? Is there anything Sony can do to ensure the Wi

Marketing plan - A travel agency is introducing

Deliverable Length: 5 paragraphs discussion, 1-3 slides per person ECO-TOURISM Using the outline , develop and complete your part of the marketing plan. Please to provide reference and citation in APA style

Ad Campaign BBA Degree

Create an ad campaign for BBA degree. Include your ideas for: * Advertising (Where will you advertise and what will your message be?) * Public Relations * Interactive Marketing (How will you use the internet, social networking sites, mobile ads, contests, etc.?) Please to provide reference and citation in APA style

The two purposes of business are marketing and innovation.

The two purposes of business are marketing and innovation. What does this statement mean to you? introduction, body and conclusion careful paragraph development formal punctuation and mechanics correct spelling appropriate title not to be a research paper; do not use sources

Discussion Board

Deliverable lenght: 1 paragraph Do you believe books provide more knowledge enhancement when compared to software?

Lanham Act Discussion

Discuss the Lanham Act and how it affects advertising. What elements are necessary to win false advertising claim under the Lanham Act?

Advertising and Public Relations

A) Write a proposal to the Project Director, explaining the four basic components of your advertising and public relations campaign process. (80 Points) 4 Basic Components 1) Research 2) Formulation 3) Implementation/Control 4) Evaluation B) Describe what deci

International Market Research

Your presentation was very well received. Yet, having no previous work experience with moving into international markets, you think it might be best to contract with an external service to research international markets. In the discussion board, meet with your marketing team and discuss the following challenges ahead of you.

Shaping the market offering

Excluding the supermarket two for ones, choose a product and marketing campaign that targets buyers in a down economy. Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and how you might improve upon it. Be sure to include your thoughts on competition and differentiation. (3 paragraphs total for the post) Select two of your classmate

Assessing demand

Imagine were given the task of demonstrating to your President that there is enough demand for your new product to invest in the development of your product. What would you use to demonstrate potential demand? What pieces of information, financial expectations, etc to demonstrate demand. Tell me what you would use

Advertising: Economic and Social Effects on society

Since the 1880s, advertising has been the focus of numerous examples of criticism from a host of sources. In recent years, social criticism of advertising has taken precedent over its economic effects. The range of criticism involves advertising strategies, audiences targeted and the execution process. Some representing examples

Create an advertising plan

I have to create an advertising plan for a made up product that Garmin will produce. The product is a wrist band that will be used at theme parks, i.e. Disney, etc. that will allow people in a group to be able to track everyone in their group. For example a family of four goes to a park and they purchase the wristbands, Dad g

International Marketing Research: New Products in Japan

Begin marketing a new product to Japan for a company that wants to offer its top-selling product abroad. Acting as the marketing manager for the company, analyze the various international marketing research methodologies and resources available. State the objectives of research and select the appropriate international market res

Research constraints

Research always has its limits. Opening a coffee bar over seas in India what kind of constraints would I have to deal with and how would they have to be addressed?

Type of marketing research to gauge customer response

Julie Hogan is JavaJoy's National Sales Manager, and is in the process of rolling out JavaJoy's first non-coffee brewing system - a tea brewer. While the sales channels are the same as for the coffee brewing equipment, the end users (tea drinkers) are certainly different. Julie is desperate to know how the new product is being r

Marketing Channels

Friends have convinced you to manufacture your cookie recipe that they have enjoyed for years. You found a bakery and decided on intensive distribution using a four level customer marketing channel. Describe each level and the role it will play in the success of your business. Which channel member do you think is the most import