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market and product specializations

Companies face many challenges when making crucial decisions to expand. The question can be either one of market specialization or product specialization. With either choice there are resulting synergies and potential pitfalls (Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius, 2006). For this discussion question, choose a company and

Marketing: Risks of Excluding a Group

Please help with the following questions. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What are the risks of knowingly excluding a group from a specific marketing/feedback campaign or message? How can these risks be mitigated? Give specific examples

Potential Benefits Of Networking

Can you please tell me the potential benefits of networking and why it is important. If you are seeking an operations management position, how can networking enhance your career plans and job search? and resources that are available to assist you in establishing a professional network and improving your networking skills

Cultural Differences in Demographics

Pick a particular demographic group (any you are familiar with or know about) and discuss how internal cultural differences can differ within. Provide two examples, either from personal experience or well-publicized cases, of companies that have made cultural assumptions of a particular target market or demographic group tha

Price Control: the market theory of pricing

Should manufacturers be allowed to force the retailers that carry their products to sell the manufacturers' products at the prices specified by the manufacturers? Consider this question from the M

Consumer Behavior

Need assistance with the following Marketing questions: Although a relatively recent addition to the marketing lexicon, Consumer behavior initiatives have rapidly positioned themselves as the ultimate accomplishment in an organization understanding its customers. Although many organizations attempt to determine what elements


Need assistance with the following Marketing questions: One of the fundamental elements of theoretical marketing is that no single product or brand can fulfill the universal needs of all potential consumers thereby necessitating an organization to undergo the process of segmentation revealing a refined target market ultimatel

Public Relations strategies

Need assistance with the following Marketing questions: Public Relations strategies are often used to increase exposure of a brand and/or product with the direct expectation of increasing sales as a result of heightened awareness. What are some examples from your own experiences of this type of Public Relations, also known as

Marketing of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

A goal to sell 100 million compact fluorescent light bulbs in the United States by 2008 to save energy and reduce green house emissions. How does the Environmental Energy Program contribute to Wal-Mart's finance or how does it fit in to their Financial Statements such as balance sheet, income statement, or cash flows? Plea

Companies Using Media

Occasionally, companies will use media contrary to normal industry practice. For example, a B-to-B product might be advertised on network TV and a frequently purchased product would use no TV advertising. Under what conditions might this happen?

Your organization differentiates its product in various local target markets based on the quality of service it provides to its clientele. Your company has decided to enter a foreign market either by

Consider these scenarios: Your organization differentiates its product in various local target markets based on the quality of service it provides to its clientele. Your company has decided to enter a foreign market either by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary or by forming a joint venture in this foreign market. What s

Company reinventions

Research three companies other than McDonald's, At&t, Goldman Sachs, Nascar or Cingular and evaluate the difference between companies that reinvent themselves and companies that reinvent their products? Focus on the following: ? Situations that influence the decision to reinvent (product/company) ? The marketing or advertis

Market Channels for iPod

A. Why did Apple changed its distribution strategy from selected distributors and Apple Stores including major independent distributors, and the economic effects have such an enlargement in general and for Apple's iPod in particular? b. What are the main elements of Apple's pull strategy for the iPod, and the positive and ne

New market channels for fast food organizations

Fast food organizations competing with each other need to find new or innovative ways of improving their market share. List and describe some possible new marketing channels that could be utilized by fast food organizations. Justify your response with examples from successful fast food organizations or other organizations tha

Ad Campaign

Fox International Channels has invited agencies to pitch for a project to revamp the FX digital channel. Based on the request pitch a design for an ad campaign for FX that includes idents, bumpers, billboards, press materials, and print advertising. You do not have to develop actual designs but rather specify the types of ch