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Strategic supply chain management defined

What value is added by the following? Rates in terms of "high", "low" or "none" and explain: 1) Executive Management defines company strategy and allocates resources to achieve it. 2) Supply Management coordinates the upstream supply base, finding the right suppliers and building the right relationships with them. 3)Ope

Marketing decision support system

1. What is a marketing decision support system? What are some of its key features? Why is a MDSS important for health care organizations? 2. Say you have the job of electing one of several firms to assist in redesigning the website for your firm or organization. How would checklists and pro/con analyses be useful in this tas

Importance of Monitoring Trends

Please help with the following: Why is it important for marketers to monitor current trends in marketing? How does a marketing information system identify and measure trends? How would you design a marketing information system for a product of your choice?

IMC Function Analysis

Describe the similarities and differences in how Frito Lay uses sales promotion, the Internet, advertising, packaging strategies, event marketing, and sponsorships in IMC. Also address the following: o Discuss the strengths and weakness of event marketing and sponsorship in comparison to the other approaches in the IMC

Audience Analysis and Presentations

Carmen sells woman's sportswear. She is experienced in making sales presentations to groups of two to four buyers. Her sales manager has told her to prepare to give a presentation to a group of 30 department store buyers. Does she need to make any changes to her presentation to the larger group?

Global Business Marketing

International Marketing Plan Vita-Sure (hypothetical company) plans on marketing a vitamin c supplement with the added benefit of being a mosquito repellant, the name of the supplement will be Vita-C, and the target market is Mumbai, India. 1. Develop a marketing plan/ executive summary for Vita-Sure and its product Vita-C fo

Mirror metaphor explained

While advertising has been said to shape society, at the same time it is essential to recognize that it also mirror it. One's style of living dictates the manner in which one consumes, the priority of one's needs and wants, and the advertising messages one perceives as effective. Cultural values are the core of advertising messa

Marketing Management Questions

1. Follow the path of the Apple i-pad with regard to the consumer adoption process. 2. Define in full detail the 5 product levels. 3. Why would Macy's (the retail store) want to co-brand? Be specific and state your reasons why. 4. Are value networks important, why or why not? Please state a clear and concise argumen

750-1000 words

Your company, Atlantic Carolina Plastics, wants to approach its expansion in a logical and erudite method. The company has asked your manager, Mr. Smith, to inform you of your first assignment in preparation for the expansion. He explains to you that the board of executives wants you to prepare a memo explaining the primary impo

Marketing Question Regarding Market Entry

Apex is a medium-sized chemical manufacturer with annual sales of $60 million. It is now trying to determine which of two new compounds it should bring to market. The two products were expected to have the same gross margin percentage. But, there is little agreement among Apex's executive regarding which product should be launch

Competitive strategies

Compare and Contrast two distinctly different organizations on how they use information systems in their organizations. What are 4 competitive strategies (briefly describe them). Are there 2 companies that use two of these strategies? How do they implement them? Need a brief appraisal of the individual and organizational c

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Select TWO products which you have bought (or rented), ONE a High Involvement purchase, and ONE a Low Involvement purchase, in the following product categories: HIGH INVOLVEMENT (select ONE from the following four categories): A food good, A travel-related service, A medical service, A personal grooming service.

Marketing Management: Media during crisis

1. When can media involvement be useful in a crisis? When can such involvement be a hindrance? 2. How can companies' best use the media in crisis planning? 3. How does a leader make a difference in crisis action planning? 4. What makes a good leader? about 300 words, no references

Influencers, Buyers and Deciders

Question: Three of the influencers of organizational buying are called influencers, buyers and deciders. Describe their role in the organizational buying process. Is it possible for an influencer to be a buyer or a decider, or both, while also being an influencer? Explain your answer.

Marketing Management Pricing and Distribution

Imagine you are working on a Marketing Plan for an Etiquette Consulting Business for the 21st, with a primary target audience of urban youth in the age range of 12-18. The service will include a full range of services that includes workshops, e-books, guest speakers, and interactive activities. You will do a self assessment to

Sophisticated Messaging and Confusing Messaging

There is often a fine line between effective, sophisticated creative messaging and creative messaging that confuses the consumer. Describe a company or message that you have found confusing and why.

Importance to evaluate public relations

Why is it important to evaluate public relations? How does a business evaluate public relations? How is the data compiled? What types of services might a business use to gather this data? How does the overall IMC evaluation compare to each separate tactical evaluation? Why is this important? How do changes in the external env

Contrast approaches to promoting products to a PPO and to a staff model HMO.

You are in charge of marketing your company's laboratory services to managed care plans in your region. Contrast approaches to promoting these products to a PPO and to a staff model HMO. You are a territory manager for the cardiology division of a major medical device company. You notice that among the five largest cardio

Marketing Styles Between Malaysia and the United States

Compare and contrast marketing in Malaysia and in the United States. In your comparison, analyze the marketing environments of each country including, but not limited to, cultural, political, legal, and economic influences.

Marketing Positioning Statement

Hello. I need help with two slides for my power point presentation. I have to take the researched information from two of my previous papers which are attached, and create a power point presentation justifying a Marketing Position Statement for my product. I have done all of the slides exept two. Who the business competes wit