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Marketing Management: Media during crisis

1. When can media involvement be useful in a crisis? When can such involvement be a hindrance?

2. How can companies' best use the media in crisis planning?

3. How does a leader make a difference in crisis action planning?

4. What makes a good leader?

about 300 words, no references

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In crisis management, a company needs a strong leader. The leader must be one that will be flexible, but have a firm understanding of the crisis response. The leader is empathetic to those who work within the company and the effects of a crisis outside of the company. Good leaders show respect for their colleagues and workers and help them with the training and make sure the information is received by those who need it. Leaders need to know how to address a crisis planning and who to notify in case of a crisis.
The leader can make a difference by following a plan that has been formulated with crisis management in mind. Crisis management means an action plan that can be implemented. Information about the company makes ...

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