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    Crisis Management (Social Media)

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    1) Identify and describe a recent crisis or controversy that has gone viral and escalated on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube. What characteristics of Stage Two did you observe? What are the lessons for organizations?

    2) Describe how the spotlight is shining squarely on the incident in Stage One. What are the key characteristics of this stage, and how are they manifested in both the traditional, mainstream, and social media? Include two recent examples to illustrate your response.

    3) What does the public want to know during Stage Two of crisis reporting? How do mainstream media typically react, and what are the key lessons organizational leaders should keep in mind during this stage?

    4) Describe what is meant by the term "issue link". Provide an example of this phenomenon related to a crisis that you are familiar with.

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    Step 1
    One crisis that has gone viral on Facebook, and Twitter is the overturned big rig near Pyramid Lake on Sunday from which at least 500 gallons of crude oil flowed down. The stage 2 which is the unfolding of drama is observed in this escalation. The drama is weekend traffic was snarled and hazardous material crews worked all day to contain the spill. The story unfolded that at least one peson was injured in the crash that happened shortly before 10.15 am on interstate 5, just south of Vista Del Lago near Cherry Canyon. The story continued to unfold. The big rig, that hauled 6,500 gallons of crude oil, left 1-5 and flipped on its side, and sent crude oil 100 feet down the embankment. The story unfolded as additional information was added to the social media sites. The statements from government law enforcement were added to the spurt of information on the social media. It was reported that specialized fire fighters who were traine to handle spills were sent to the crash site. There are number of characteristics of stage two observed in this operation (a). There was risk identification, risk analysis, and risk evaluation. Based on these goals, officials with the US Forest Service said that the cleanup crew cleaned up the spill on Angeles National Forest land. Based on risk identification, and evaluation, the cleanup crew had been dispatched to remove the entire oil spill. The lessons for he organization are that there should have been clear and precise communication about the accident and its impact. Otherwise rumors that drinking water was affected by the spill commence on social media. The lesson is that crisis communications team should have been ready. The company or the government should have trained spokespersons, and they should have put their views first on social media.

    Step 2
    During the stage one there is spotlight on the risk. This is the fact ...

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