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Importance of marketing research

What are the goals of marketing research? Why is marketing research important? What should you do if you reach conclusions based on marketing research that are not compatible with the viewpoints of senior management?

Offensive Ads

Described two advertisements that were in the news because they were perceived to be offensive to cultural sensibilities of certain groups. Explained whether the advertisements were offensive. Provided rationale for the opinion on the ads. Described what can be done to ensure that ads are effective but not offensive.


Looking at ROI (Return on Investment) which is essentially net profits. What are some other metrics companies should use when analyzing the success of a marketing campaign?

Marketing issues

1) What are the benefits of using spreadsheets to analyze marketing research data? What are the drawbacks? What are the benefits of using databases to analyze marketing research data? What are the drawbacks? Is there one preferred at your organization? 2) Assume you are the Director of Marketing for a medium-size corporat

Verizon is considering introducing a new product/service

Prepare a 650+ word count paper addressing the following: -Conduct market research concerning the selected scenario using secondary market research resources.- The Scenario: Verizon is considering introducing a new product/service The new product is called the (E-Z phone) which is a combination of the iPhone and a Blackber

Marketing Opps for Consumer Segments

Identify any one consumer segment that represents a potential marketing opportunity. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing this segment in terms of its demographics and psychographics. In your presentation, explain your rationale for selecting this consumer segment as a marketing opportunity. Also, discuss the reasons

How is market segmentation developed and used for marketing products?

How is market segmentation developed and used for marketing products? For help in answering this question, you might want to look at the Claritas web site (here are a couple of links: or and explore the various links on that site). What are your

Recent purchase- Hybrid Car

Need help in writing a paper with the following scenrio. You get into a discussion over lunch about a recent purchase you made (e.g., a consumer product such as a car or major appliance). You and your lunch mates discuss the following. Include the below questions in the paper. How did you come to perceive the need for the pr

Describe your consumers and the motivating factors for purchasing decisions.

Based on the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: (blackberry storm with video conference option) prepare a paper in which you address the following: Describe the consumers of your organization's product or service and the motivating factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Discuss how these fact

Cross elastic products

1. Assume you have a friend who owns a company that manufactures mountain bikes. She considers you to be a savvy marketer and needs your advice. She tells you that her company recently reduced the price of her most popular bike by 10%. In response, sales boomed and she added a second production shift to keep up with demand. At t

Marketing - Choose a Target Market

The following scenario is based on the original Project Scenario and is specifically applicable to this assignment.) Lisha was impressed with your understanding of the issues related to Caballero's company, competition, and consumers. In preparation for Caballero's launch of a new product, Lisha has completed some initial work

Caballero Coffee: situation analysis

Can you help me get started on this?? ------------------ << Scenario >> Company Overview: Caballero Coffee Ownership Type: Public Market Maker: NASDAQ Auditor: Emsquare Research, Inc. Business Description Caballero Coffee was founded as a single retail location in 1986, roasting coffee on the premises. As Caba

Coca Cola Case: New formulation of famous beverage was a big marketing failure

Identified a major marketing/advertising failure April 23, 1985 Coke launched a new formulation of their famous beverage called New Coke. The product was described as being better tasting then the original. The new formula was developed over 2 years, and was extensively tested. In blind taste tests people preferred the ta

Research mission statements for content of new statement: Sporting Goods company

Need help in preparing a paper exploring a mission statement of a company. Scenario is I work for a Sporting Goods company and have set up a meeting with senior management to develop a new mission statement. Here is what I need to prepare for the meeting: Find the mission statement for an existing major company. Determi

Measures used to analyze, track and monitor marketing effectiveness

1. Provide three quantitative measures your company uses to analyze, track and monitor marketing effectiveness. 2. Provide specific examples of the three measures. 3. Discuss how these measures establish a linkage between marketing activities and company performance. Short asnwers

The Contributions of a Sales Department

Please help with the following problem. Provide an explanation about the types of contributions the sales department can make towards the success of an organization? The solution also needs citations and references

Marketing Failure: analyze reasons give for for it

Conduct independent research on the Internet to find an example of a major marketing/advertising failure. In the format of a case study to be contributed to a textbook on marketing, describe the failure and list and analyze reasons given for it. Add your own hypotheses for additional reasons for the failure based on your initial

Marketing: integrating sales and marketing strategies

Marketing provide the benefits that customers want, marketers need to view products from the customer's perspective and focus on the benefits that product components provide to customers. How can this be accomplished? The key to integrating the sales and marketing strategies is to achieve a workable balance. How can this be

Foundations of Marketing: meaning and role in customer relations management

"What is marketing"? Think back to your impressions before you started this class versus how you would answer now that you've started reading the textbook. Is marketing all about sales and profits, or is it about advertising or public relations, or is it about something else? Share your point of view about the meaning and r

Do you agree or disagree with Tom Peters blog

1. This following item was posted on Tom Peters blog (one of my favorite business writers) this last month. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion stated and why? This Is Not a Recession Don't think of our current economic crisis as a recession. Instead, think of it as a recalibration. Everything is different now. I