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GE Analysis

Visit GE's Medical Systems website ( In context to the major points in chapter 7, define how GE is addressing the needs of their hospital customers by the design of this website. What are they doing right and wrong? Where can they improve?

Product positioning in marketing: Wal-Mart versus Target

The concept of positioning is extremely important in marketing. Your customers define your position according to the text, it "is the place the product occupies in the consumer's mind relative to competing products." Thus, a company can influence its product positioning, but it can't really control it. There are many discoun

Marketing: Childcare Services to Target retail store customers

Please help with the following problem. Marketing Plan Phase III Introduction of new Childcare Service to Target Retail Store Customers Target Stores is introducing on-site Childcare Services to its customers so that they may shop without distraction. The service is free and Target is offering the service to show that

Consumer behaviour discussion question: cognitive or emotional model

The influences on consumer behaviour are complex and the decision making process is no less complex, especially in today's society where products are abundant. Many have argued that the consumer has too many decisions and options when choosing products which may ultimately lead them into the passive model or very low involvemen

Difference between public relations and advertising function

Can you help me understand the role public relations must play in an IMC program for an international marketer? What is the primary difference between the public relations role and the advertising function? I just need a brief explanation to help me articulate a more comprehensive response.

Public Relations

1. Give 4 ways to communicate to external publics. 2. What are the benefits of a proactive crisis management plan. 3. List the steps of Reactive crisis management.

Question on marketing and purpose of middlemen

Wal-Mart has established regional warehouses that they fill with merchandise that they had purchased directly from manufacturers, cutting out the middlemen. If you, or a client of yours, were a middleman (wholesaler, broker, or agent) what would you do to insure that your business would survive? What advice would you recommend t

Competitive Intelligence

Today it is not necessarily money that makes the world go around, but information, and the timeliness of that information. The topic thread for DQ2 this week, competitive intelligence, gave rise to some discussion regarding the boundaries of good market research versus unethical/illegal acts of spying. What are the differenc

Public Relations

1. What are the benefits and risks of internal communication? 2. Give 4 ways to promote proactive planning. 3. Wwhat writing style is used within a press release? 4. Benefits and risks of external communications. 5. What two key factors should be considered with Media Relations? 6. What issues are present in Globa

Learning organization elements

What is a learning organization? What are the five elements of a learning organization? How is the concept of learning related to the evolution of the global marketplace? How does organizational learning ensure that we are prepared for global operations?

Pop Ups

What is your experience with pop ups and how do you feel about them? What is wrong with pop ups from a moral point of view?

Budget and schedule for review by your manager

You are preparing the project budget and schedule for review with your manager. Next week¡¦s meeting will focus on the budget and schedule for the marketing campaign deliverables of the project. Individual deliverable ¡V continue work on the project plan by documenting the budget cost components for the marketing-related

Sales Promotion Techniques used by Marketing Firms

Write a paper, summarizing the key sales promotion techniques that marketing firms direct towards trade and consumers. Include real world examples to describe the following classifications of sales promotion techniques: -Discounts and sales -Increasing Industry Visibility -Price-based consumer sales promotion -Attention g

Existence and imperativeness of critical thinking concepts

Write a three to five page paper in Microsoft Word and APA format that correlates the existence and imperativeness of critical thinking concepts when it comes to conducting marketing research and planning.In the paper, address the following: 1. How are these inter-related? 2. Why is it important to keep them working togeth

Analyze Public Relations

Please help reviewing the following article: Review of the article include the following discussion/analysis: (1) the PR situation at hand; (2) main premise about PR as discussed by the author; (3) importance of this study to the fie

Cultural Problems in Communications (Public Relations)

Sometimes cultural branding and public relations work hand in hand. How would you handle these cultural issues from a PR standpoint? Brand: Perdue Chicken Slogan: 'It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken' Slogan in Spanish: 'It takes an aroused man to make a chicken affectionate.' Brand: Chevy Nova Name: Nova

Manipulation / Deception in the use of Public Communications

This solution utilizes an example of an individual who once was a Senatorial candidate. In using public communication this particular individual utilizes his previous status to his distinct advantage in using deceptive tactics. This solution provides an overview of public relations communication and describes how it is specific

PUBLIC RELATIONS: image, impact, and public opinion.

What impact can PR have on society? What is an example of this impact? Should a company be concerned with public opinion? Why or why not? How can PR professionals and organizations utilize PR tools to impact image?

Economic development

Need help answering these questions related to California, specifically how these items affect community colleges: a. Define enterprise zones and explain the utilization of these zones by your chosen government and the state within which the government exists. b. Assess how the enterprise zones could be used to enhance the

Distribution Channel Strategy

1. Identify an organization and provide a detailed description of its distribution channel strategy. 2. ("Where Should the Next Marketing Dollar Go?") describes how Cadillac's fortunes have changed from the mid 1970s to the present day as a direct result of market dynamics. You may have noticed Cadillac's shift in marketing

Sales Promotion Techniques

Write a response, summarizing the key sales promotion techniques that marketing firms direct towards trade and consumers. Include real world examples to describe the following classifications of sales promotion techniques: o Discounts and deals o Increasing Industry Visibility o Price-based consumer sales promotion o Atten

Market Research Question, Asking for Quantitative techniques Solution

Imagine you are asked to work on a project to help Coca-Cola understand why its vanilla coke doesn't sell according to plan. Question 1: how would you approach the problem?? Question 2: what quantitative technique could you use to investigate the problem? please provide examples.

Benefit Selling Presentation

You've been informed that a new, less seasoned salesperson is joining the team. To bring her up-to-par on creating sales presentations, the senior salespeople need to provide training. Create a training presentation that explains benefit selling in sales presentations and how it helps the salesperson make more sales. 8-12 PowerP

Classic Airlines

Based on the Classic Airline scenario, answer the following questions: What are some possible solutions to the scenario? What are your assumptions and constraints? Can you let them go? What are some best case solutions?