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    Profiling customers for segmentation characteristics in target marketing

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    1. Create a self-profile that describes your segmentation characteristics.

    For example, Barbara is between 25-34 and owns her own home in a midsized city in the Midwest. She has a graduate level education and is a mid-level manager for an academic institution. She enjoys blended coffee drinks, gourmet cheese, and spending time with her friends. She also enjoys jogging and goes to plays.

    Based off your profile, describe which of the following advertisers would target you and why.

    Palmolive Dish Soap
    Diet Coke
    Disney Land

    2. Choose one of the following commercials, from this year's Super Bowl. After watching it please describe what market segment you believe the company is targeting and the reasons for your answer.


    (bud light)



    -Please provide all references used.

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    Segmentation and Targeting

    Segmentation Characteristic Profile

    I am Lisa and I am 20 years old. I reside in New York. I live with my parents in this state. I am a college student of US University and I am working in a call centre on part time basis. I enjoy Pizza, Soft drinks, coffee and time with my friends. I like to go movie with my friends. I also go for yoga classes on routine basis. I am also interested in playing and watching racing games.

    Target by Advertisers

    The advertiser of Diet Coke and NASCAR will target me because of my interest in soft drinks and in racing games. These advertisers segment their market on the basis of youth's requirements. NASCAR is a fast growing racing company in US (About NASCAR). The target segment of this company is the person, who likes speed, adventure and sports either male or female. Mostly these type of companies target youth and college students. This company will target me because of my interest in this sport and I am also a part of their target segment (About ...

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