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Target Marketing for Hispanic Markets

Read this article about casinos targeting the Hispanic market.

Medina, Jennifer. (2011) Casino Town Puts Its Money On Hispanic Market.


Notice that targeting this market goes deeper than language. Looking at the background readings for this module, as well as what you learned in Modules 1 and 2, answer these questions:

(1) What has made this strategy successful?

(2) What 3 principles and ideas from the readings can you use to explain this success? For instance, think of segmentation, influence, reference groups ... You can use readings from any module.

(3) What lessons about targeting a new market can you take away? (Be very specific in relating each lesson to this case. For instance, do not say, "A company should ..." Instead, say, "The companies discussed here demonstrated that ...")

Do not include definitions or summaries from the reading. Do not describe what the casino did. Instead, your response should be analytical and should demonstrate that (a) you understand the principles from the background reading and (b) you can apply them to this particular case. Vague, general answers about targeting will not earn a good grade.

Aim for(NNN) NNN-NNNNwords. However, quality of writing is more important than quantity. Focus on answering the question logically. Avoid redundancy and general statements, such as "All organizations exist to make a profit." Make every sentence count.

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The market for casino has become highly competitive as manifested by the proliferation of companies entering into the industry. The said companies have been improving their marketing strategies and offers such as using Spanish speaking dealers and offering attached services such as marketing events.
The downturn in the economic situation made it difficult for many casinos to cope resulting to bankruptcy of some. This situation prompted marketers to improve their offers, develop areas in which they would have an edge over competitors, and identify and exploit new target markets.

(1) What has made this strategy successful?
The Primm Valley Resorts was able to improve its performance because it was able to cater to the needs of its target market. The company may have come up with extensive research and development in order to have a correct assessment of the demographic characteristics of the target market (the Hispanic Market). In so doing the company was able to identify their needs. Consequently, marketing offers were shaped to cater to such needs.
The company made the place conducive not only to the gambler but also to his entire family, regardless of age. The customers entering the vicinity consider the place a good place for their family - children, elderly, and ...

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