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Marketing strategies employed by Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and their effectiveness

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Visit www.cocacola.com and www.pepsicola.com. Discuss how each company advances and manages its brand. You should include the marketing strategy employed by each company, as well as their positioning strategies, and how each company markets to their consumers. Also, discuss the relative effectiveness of each company's marketing strategy.

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Coca Cola's first page on its website is decorated with the familiar stylized brand name and the red and white colors. There are three choices: "AHH," which seems to be a gallery of games; a Spanish ad that features a sports team, and inside is another series of ads in Spanish, and the entry page is an ad to a trip to Brazil to a World Cup game. The entry page opens to a registration page which is optionally a sign up with Facebook, in English and Spanish. The first page also has a commercial from YouTube.

To examine the company itself, one has to go to the footnoted links, as with most company sites. Product Information has some information about the various soda products sold, and each of them have their own Facebook page. Coca Cola has a general Facebook page. The company also sponsored various music events on and off television. There are charities that help women and African countries, recipes using Coke, and a page of technology awards and plans for environmental conservation.

Pepsi Cola has several boxes with pictures of the product and promotional events. Most of the events involve music, and many feature Hispanic music and musicians. Their main site will display more items by moving the mouse to the right and below. There is also a menu to the left listing What's Now (the main page), Spotlight, Brands, Shop, Connect, and US (indicating that this is the page for ...

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A discussion of the target markets and marketing strategies of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, as described in their websites. The web pages of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola target specific markets with their similar marketing methods. The two main target markets are active youth, and the Hispanic markets.

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