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Marketing Questions on culture and missions

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Scenario: Company Produce is Mexican Sauce

Mr. Romero, Annette, and you are meeting at the company's conference room to discuss the first stage of your research.
It is increasingly clear to all of you that there is a need to review, discuss, and agree on the factors that have successfully driven the demand for the snack products in the domestic (U.S.) market.

The agreed-upon demand drivers will be your initial reference point to project your ideas into the new market.
You have also expressed misgivings about the suitability of the mission statement in light of the new direction the company is taking.

During your job interview, Mr. Romero had quoted verbatim the company's mission statement to you as follows:
"The mission of Great Foods! Inc. is to provide Americans with the best quality Mexican sauce in the industry produced with the finest U.S. made ingredients."


1. Describe the consumer factors that drive the domestic demand for your Mexican sauce (Include factors that may have a demographic, social, cultural, technological, economic, or legal backdrop).

2. Define your domestic target market in a statement.

3. Redefine your Great Food! Inc. mission statement.

4. Please cite all references used.

Thank you!!

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3. The mission of Great Foods! Inc is to provide its customers with the highest quality of food products, made with the finest ingredients possible, too meet the demands of the ever changing tastes in the snack food industry.

2. The target market for the Mexican sauce is: consumers who like snack foods, especially those with a Hispanic flavor and Mexican spices that are easy to serve and meet the demands for social and personal use.

1. The consumer factors that currently drive the domestic demands for all things Mexican are varied. The major driver is the growth in the Hispanic population across the United States, and across the globe. As more Hispanic growth continues, the demand for flavors and spices of Hispanic cultures will rise as well. The movement of people into more areas of the country ...

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