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Mission Proposal: Uganda

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I am writing a paper on an unreached people group—a cultural group that is less than 2% evangelical. The purpose of this assignment is to consider the people group's history and cultural background, to assess the history of mission work among them, and to analyze current mission strategies at work among them, and to develop a plan for reaching them with the Gospel. The group that I chose is the Swahili of Uganda.
My thesis statement is: Despite the widespread acceptance of Christianity, the unreached people the Swahili of Uganda are still less than 2% evangelical and are in need of being reached with the gospel.
The specific information included is:
- Background information (5-7 pages) on the people group (history, language, culture, economy, religion, family). Also, include a nice map detailing where they live.
- A survey of missions work (5-7 pages) to this people (history of missions among them, the current status of the church, how many known believers, challenges, present strategies; if possible, contact a missionary presently working with this group).
- Proposed strategy (5-7 pages). From the perspective of (1) a missionary going to them or (2) a missions organization beginning work among them or (3) a sending church sending laborers to work among them, propose a strategy. While biblical principles ought to be in place, the specific strategy should take into account the background information on the people group and the survey of past and present missions work among the people.

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