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    The Grant Proposal in Relation to the Institution's Mission

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    I need a good 200-300 word opening.
    Thanks for your help.

    What is meant by the expression, "A grant proposal must demonstrate a 'fit' with the institution's mission"?

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    Writing a proposal to be awarded a grant by a number of different types of organizations takes a lot of hard work and commitment. If you do it right the granting organization will be supporting your mission, not imposing their ideas on your work.
    Before a foundation, corporation, or other grantmaking entity awards its very first grant, the decision makers at the funding agency will have thoughtfully considered, internally debated, and ultimately concluded what types of nonprofit agencies, programs, and projects will be eligible for funding. Decisions can be driven by the interests of the founders or by an ...

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    386 words; 2 references; how to make your grant proposal suited to the mission of the institution