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    Retailing Characteristics of a Country

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    The text states: â??Japanese retailing may be going through a change similar to that which occurred in the United States after World War II.â?

    Pick another country (besides the U.S.) and explore its retailing characteristics.

    Please compare and contrast how the retailing characteristics of your choice compares to Japan.

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    Great Britain, also known as the U.K. has many retailing characteristics worth noting. They have the Euro, which is similar or better than the American dollar, and far better than the Yen from Japan. This particular country does global marketing by utilizing the internet, such as their colleges and universities. They tend to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers with a huge supply chain. This country uses the availability and selling approach when ...

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    This solution helps pick a country and explain its retailing characteristics. it compares and contrasts how the retailing characteristics of your choice compares to Japan. The explanation is given in 320 words.