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    Sanofi-Aventis marketing of pharmaceutical products in China

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    I need assistance with preparing a paper on Sanofi-Aventis marketing their pharmaceutical products in China. I only need assistance with the final two parts:

    1. FDA remarks or obstacles and validity, equivalency when it comes to comparable US drugs
    2. How process can affect US pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical pricing.

    I have also been trying to find graphs about Sanofi-Aventis before and after the entrance into China.

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    Sanofi Aventis in China

    Sanofi Aventis, the Paris-based world's top maker of vaccines and fifth biggest prescription drug maker based on revenues, announced in late January that it formed a joint venture with Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Chinese drug maker (Manufacturing.net, 2010). This joint venture will focus on vitamins and mineral supplements and signals the French drug maker's entrance into China. The graph below shows the change in Sanofi Aventis' stock price return before and after the joint venture in comparison with the S&P 500.

    (Source: Yahoo! Finance, 2010)

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    The joint venture as outlined above will have significant business dealings with the U.S. FDA if and only if Sanofi Aventis and its joint venture partner plans to market the vitamins and mineral ...

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    Sanofi-Aventis marketing of pharmaceutical products in China are examined.