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Advertising plan

The company is Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals (actual company)
The product is SANOVEX (fictional product)

I have created SANOVEX as a sleeping aid (based off the company's actual product Ambien). The only indication for SANOVEX is for menopausal women with possible depression. (Once again the usage was created by me)

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As we understand that they target market for this product will be older women in the 50+ years range as well as those suffering from sleeping disorders, especially the people living in urban areas and living a tense and fast paced life, we need to develop our advertising strategies accordingly.

Now, once we have identified our target audience or in other words, have identified the target audience we are trying to reach, we need to identify what we want to convey via our advertising campaign. In this scenario, we are trying to create a market for our sleeping aid which will provide relief to sleeping disorders, especially among the menopausal women with depression. Thus, our USP is the ability to resolve the sleeping related disorders among such patients.

This process is called the creative process or strategy. While there may be many ways to position your product or service, you should always try to appeal to the needs and wants of your target consumer, which again you will find from your research. Thus, we will position our sleeping aid as a product which will serve the most important need of our target customers,ie, a peaceful sleep and an effective solution to their sleeping disorders.

The company should engage a professional full service advertising firm to create the campaign for all its advertisements, be it electronic, print or any other medium and seek their expertise in creating effective punch lines, advertising themes,etc. The message chosen for the advertisement should create a definite impact on the target users of the ...

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Advertising plan for Sanofi-Aventis