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Marketing Plan Outline: Price strategy for corded headset for cell phones

The product selected by my team was the corded headset for cell phones. The reason this was picked is because a few members figured there was still reason to push that model being that the bluetooth headset does not work so well all the time and the sound reception is not always great. I need some help developing a price strateg

PR and Crisis Management

I am trying to find an example of how a business has handled crisis management through public relations with the media well and what the ultimate consequences for these businesses in terms of revenues and damages were? I can not use the Exxon valdez or the Wendy's with a finger in the chili case.

Freud, desire, advertising, Herbal Essence Shampoo

I have to complete a case study relating to a product for my consumption module. It has to use an example of a product and how it has been marketed/advertised in order to motivate the consumer to buy it,using a theorist from the module list. I have chosen herbal essences shampoo and Freud's psychoanalytic theories. I have concen

Buyer Behavior Questionnaire

In the near future, your company is planning on marketing a low cost laptop computer for home use that is capable of running basic programs such as word processing, tax computation, and simple spreadsheets. The marketing department has an extensive database of previous customers which includes many of their email addresses. You

Consumers learn about brands through

Review Questions 2: 1. Consumers learn about brands through ________ and product marketing programs the mass media the sales force past experiences with the product shopping bots 2. The ________ culture has an internal focus and a consistency orientation for a stable environment. organic clan traditional

Information Needed when Considering an Increase in Advertising Budget

The advertising manager of a large firm asked you, the vice president of marketing, to approve a $500,000 increase in the advertising budget for one of the company's brands. She predicts that the additional $500,000 in advertising will increase the brand's sales by $2,000,000. Even if you were 100 percent sure that her predictio

Marketing strategies: pharmaceutical leader, follower, nicher, and a challenger

A company's marketing strategy can be customer (i.e. you design your strategy by looking primarily at what your customers want) or competitor (i.e. you design your strategy based on the actions of your competitors) oriented. In reality, of course, companies do a little of both. For EACH one of the following 4 scenarios, identify

Cadillac Brand Extensions

Are brand extensions an important brand-growth strategy or can they endanger brands? Defend your answer

Promoting Needs and Increasing Motivation for a MADD promotional campaign

Assume you are a member of a designing company. Your project manager assigns your team a new project: "Congratulations team! You have been awarded the new promotional campaign for Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD is looking for facts and motivation. The goals are to increase awareness of this national problem and t

Peak performer, Reluctant contributor, Disillusioned Learner

Read each scenario, identify what coaching stage they are in and what action you would take. Answer each question as a Peak Performer, Reluctant Contributor, Disillusioned Learner, and Enthusiastic Beginner and explain your answer. 1. Gilbert Gnarley is a five-year sales veteran for your company. He is 38 years old. Prio

Market Interview for Product or Services

Over the course of five weeks, you will research and prepare a design proposal for your company for a new product line or service. As a business professional with an understanding of the design process and language of design, you are in charge of creating the visual research that will provide the foundation for a design team to

Studio Productions: Suggestions to improve the selling process

Studio Productions sales force calls on businesses, such as advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, Internet managers, etc., to solicit a variety of graphics projects to create for clients. Selling is a process rather than simply order-taking: What suggestions do you have to improve the selling process? Co

Jefferson- Pilot Financial: Growing the Sales Force

Do I need to comprise the below captioned questions to include the marketing mix and strategy? If so I really need assistance in comprising the mktg mix and strategy with the below captioned questions into an essay form. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a career sales force versus an independent sales f

Ad Analysis: Provide an example of an ad

Select a television, print, billboard, or radio commercial that you can recall within 30 seconds. Describe the ad, identify the target audience and key message(s), and state why you find the ad either effective or non-effective. Be sure to fully explain your rationale for your response.

Business Case Scenario

Would the below questions down below be all part of the second major marketing mix tool - pricing. How can I use the the questions and answers below to formulate and essay? Many thanks! 1. What type of new product pricing strategy would be involved in considering a new free checking product for the bank? 2. What types

What are characteristics of good customer service in business sales?

Recently you heard complaints regarding the "attitude" and "empty promises" from a customer regarding one of the other salespeople. One customer, who has been a patron since the beginning, has even threatened to take their business elsewhere. Knowing that one customer can influence potential new customers, you ask the owners to

High/low pricing strategy

In which situations is the high/low marketing strategy appropriate? Is this strategy appropriate and compatible or not appropriate for Kmart after its acquisition by Sears. Please provide sources if used.

Hybrid Channel Distribution Programming

1. Explain the concept of a hybrid channel distribution system. Provide an example. 2. The most advanced supply-distributor arrangements for administering VMS's involve distribution programming. Explain the components of distribution programming. 3. A decade ago, the advertising-to-sales promotion ratio was about 60

Discussion Question: market research for products for a health benefits company

How does a health benefits company determine what new products will be introduced? Is this effective? Why or why not? (If you do not know how a health benefits company makes this determination, answer the questions based on how you think this may occur OR how it should occur.) What are the market research methodologies that

Dell, Starbucks: marketing metrics, designing control systems, feedback data

Identify at least 2 companies that have faced specific issues related to selecting marketing metrics and how they solved their issue. Marketing metrics to include designing control systems step by step in regards to obtaining feedback data and evaluating feedback data and taking action, designing decisions for strategic cont

Sony PlayStation 3 New Console Launch

1.If you were in charge of the Sony PlayStation 3 launch for the holiday season of 2006, how would you position the new console? (Who are you targeting and what value proposition are you highlighting?) 2.How worried should Sony be about the unexpected success of the Nintendo Wii? Is there anything Sony can do to ensure the Wi