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Companies Using Media

Occasionally, companies will use media contrary to normal industry practice. For example, a B-to-B product might be advertised on network TV and a frequently purchased product would use no TV advertising. Under what conditions might this happen?

Your organization differentiates its product in various local target markets based on the quality of service it provides to its clientele. Your company has decided to enter a foreign market either by

Consider these scenarios: Your organization differentiates its product in various local target markets based on the quality of service it provides to its clientele. Your company has decided to enter a foreign market either by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary or by forming a joint venture in this foreign market. What s

Company reinventions

Research three companies other than McDonald's, At&t, Goldman Sachs, Nascar or Cingular and evaluate the difference between companies that reinvent themselves and companies that reinvent their products? Focus on the following: ? Situations that influence the decision to reinvent (product/company) ? The marketing or advertis

Market Channels for iPod

A. Why did Apple changed its distribution strategy from selected distributors and Apple Stores including major independent distributors, and the economic effects have such an enlargement in general and for Apple's iPod in particular? b. What are the main elements of Apple's pull strategy for the iPod, and the positive and ne

Cognitive Age

This solution discusses how can markerters use cognitive age?

New market channels for fast food organizations

Fast food organizations competing with each other need to find new or innovative ways of improving their market share. List and describe some possible new marketing channels that could be utilized by fast food organizations. Justify your response with examples from successful fast food organizations or other organizations tha

Ad Campaign

Fox International Channels has invited agencies to pitch for a project to revamp the FX digital channel. Based on the request pitch a design for an ad campaign for FX that includes idents, bumpers, billboards, press materials, and print advertising. You do not have to develop actual designs but rather specify the types of ch

Marketing Plan Outline: Price strategy for corded headset for cell phones

The product selected by my team was the corded headset for cell phones. The reason this was picked is because a few members figured there was still reason to push that model being that the bluetooth headset does not work so well all the time and the sound reception is not always great. I need some help developing a price strateg

PR and Crisis Management

I am trying to find an example of how a business has handled crisis management through public relations with the media well and what the ultimate consequences for these businesses in terms of revenues and damages were? I can not use the Exxon valdez or the Wendy's with a finger in the chili case.

Freud, desire, advertising, Herbal Essence Shampoo

I have to complete a case study relating to a product for my consumption module. It has to use an example of a product and how it has been marketed/advertised in order to motivate the consumer to buy it,using a theorist from the module list. I have chosen herbal essences shampoo and Freud's psychoanalytic theories. I have concen

Buyer Behavior Questionnaire

In the near future, your company is planning on marketing a low cost laptop computer for home use that is capable of running basic programs such as word processing, tax computation, and simple spreadsheets. The marketing department has an extensive database of previous customers which includes many of their email addresses. You

Consumers learn about brands through

Review Questions 2: 1. Consumers learn about brands through ________ and product marketing programs the mass media the sales force past experiences with the product shopping bots 2. The ________ culture has an internal focus and a consistency orientation for a stable environment. organic clan traditional

Information Needed when Considering an Increase in Advertising Budget

The advertising manager of a large firm asked you, the vice president of marketing, to approve a $500,000 increase in the advertising budget for one of the company's brands. She predicts that the additional $500,000 in advertising will increase the brand's sales by $2,000,000. Even if you were 100 percent sure that her predictio

Marketing strategies: pharmaceutical leader, follower, nicher, and a challenger

A company's marketing strategy can be customer (i.e. you design your strategy by looking primarily at what your customers want) or competitor (i.e. you design your strategy based on the actions of your competitors) oriented. In reality, of course, companies do a little of both. For EACH one of the following 4 scenarios, identify

Cadillac Brand Extensions

Are brand extensions an important brand-growth strategy or can they endanger brands? Defend your answer

Promoting Needs and Increasing Motivation for a MADD promotional campaign

Assume you are a member of a designing company. Your project manager assigns your team a new project: "Congratulations team! You have been awarded the new promotional campaign for Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD is looking for facts and motivation. The goals are to increase awareness of this national problem and t

Peak performer, Reluctant contributor, Disillusioned Learner

Read each scenario, identify what coaching stage they are in and what action you would take. Answer each question as a Peak Performer, Reluctant Contributor, Disillusioned Learner, and Enthusiastic Beginner and explain your answer. 1. Gilbert Gnarley is a five-year sales veteran for your company. He is 38 years old. Prio

Market Interview for Product or Services

Over the course of five weeks, you will research and prepare a design proposal for your company for a new product line or service. As a business professional with an understanding of the design process and language of design, you are in charge of creating the visual research that will provide the foundation for a design team to