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    The Importance of CPM

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    What is CPM? Why is CPM important? What are some of the differences between 'total cost of CPM' and 'advertisement versus the CPM rate'?

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    CPM means Cost per Mil or much popularly known as "cost per thousand impressions or ad views." It uses the Latin word mille in its acronym, Cost Per Mil, wherein mil/mille means thousand. It is an advertising campaign that is effective in reaching potential customers on the Web. The CPM advertising campaign allows the advertiser to buy a set amount of impressions. An instance of the ad appearing on a certain Web site would mean that the ad has an impression. CPM is used not only online but also in radio, TV and other advertising forms. It sets its ad rates at the cost of 1,000 views in contrast to hiring an ad network which gives the company a fixed cost for an advertising campaign.

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    457 words; 4 references; CPM defined and its importance discussed; includes sample computation of how to get total price paid in CPM.