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Optimization: Coordinating Advertising and Production

The Hawley Lighting Company manufactures four families of household lighting at its factory. The product families are table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and pendant lamps. The following table shows the average material costs for each of the products. Product Table Floor Ceiling Pendant Material Cost $66

An essay about Marketing Communications

What are advertising liking, advertising likability and advertising effectiveness? Critically analyse the statement "Advertising has to be liked to be successful advertising" by giving some international examples. At least 15 ACADEMIC references (from journal, research or books, not from the internet) should be provided. No plag

Environmental Factors and Domestic Marketing Decisions - General Motors

Prepare 700-1050-words in which you identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. a) Select an organization with which you are familiar that conducts both domestic and global marketing. b) Discuss the high-level domestic and global environmental factors that may impact the organizat

IMC Approach

1.Provide a quick overview of the product or service you created this part is done see attachment. 2.Provide a detailed description of your IMC approach. Explain your rationale for choosing or rejecting the specific elements (include applications to the earlier research section). What changes do you expect to make as the produ

Pricing Strategies in Advertisements

Search your local newspaper for advertisements and examples of pricing strategies. If you do not have access to a local newspaper, search for a newspaper online. What are two pricing strategies that you found in the advertisements? Describe the function the price serves for each product or service.

How can I start an objectives critique?

Critique the objectives in 2 paragraph. Do the objectives make sense? Are they written correctly? Do you understand them? Would you rewrite them? If so, how? Each post should be one paragraph in length and must be substantive in nature. Do not simply state that something is right or wrong, specify why and be detailed in your e

High/low involvement purchase, consumer satisfaction

Important note: Please answer the following questions writing between 200 to 300 words to each questions. 1. What are some examples of a high and a low involvement purchases you have made in the past? What decision-making process did you follow to make these purchases? Were there differences in your decision-making process f

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies

The goal of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is to produce a unified promotional message that has the customer as its focus. All promotional activity such as media advertising, sales promotion, personal selling sponsorships, and public relations are geared to deliver a consistent uniform message. 200-300 word response

Need some ideas for Application to product /service

PART 2: Application to Product/Service (NOTE: this section of the assignment will become part of your Final Strategic Marketing Plan) Provide a quick overview of the product or service you created see attachment for this. Even though you have "created" a product or service, the applications and research in this section wi

? essay based on a marketing

No more than 1000 words requires write a structured essay in which you give an example where you have come into contact with marketing and explain this example in terms of course concepts. The essay is structured in the sense that there are four parts to the question to answer. Question: Write a structured essay of no m

Consumer Behavior in Marketing

What are two examples of internal influences on consumer behavior and two examples of external influences on consumer behavior? How do these influences impact marketing strategies? How can marketers use consumers' values to position their product(s) or service(s)? How does perception motivate you as a consumer? Why? Is it pos

Marketing plan of Kudler Foods

Prepare in 1,050 words justifying the importance of market research in the development of the marketing plan of Kudler Foods, one of the virtual organizations. Using Kudler Food's Marketing Overview as a guide, justify the importance of marketing research in the development of Kudler Fine Food's marketing strategy and tactics

Identifying the targeted market group for new product

McDonalds will be introducing new product line of health foods and beverages. The menu will consist of all natural food products with no preservatives or chemically processed foods. McDonald's new healthy food menu will also include a line of healthy beverages. In 350 words explain who will be the targeted market group(s) fo

500 word essay

Please respond with quoate on how many credits you require to write this essay: Describe how an exchange relationship strategy should work, in the context of marketing and customer relationships. Aproximately 500 words, backed up by research from outside sources, with examples to illustrate points. Thank you.

Discussion Board

Deliverable Length: 4- paragraphs Details: Mr. Romero wants to make sure that his investment in a foreign country will yield acceptable returns. He knows that the opportunity cost in the domestic market is high. His reasoning is that the U.S. market is still very attractive and the company's marketing efforts have not tapped

Traveling to Different Locations with Certain Groups

Is there any way you can give some examples that are related to traveling to different locations with certain groups. This is hard for to explain so here is a website to go to This should help you to understand what I am looking for. I would like to have a product that is new directions trave

Marketing questions

1. A study of marketing can A. help you in your career. B. demonstrate how marketing affects your life. C. make you a better consumer. D. do all of the above. 2. __________ is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, its stakeholders and society a

Marketing in the Canadian Movie Industry

Help is needed ASAP! Rarely do Canadian movies receive much recognition. Small budgets are partly responsible and distributors often don't employ the right sort of marketing. It's tough to get somebody to watch a movie they know nothing about. One 2002 Canadian movie that was more successful than most was Men With Brooms. To

Need some help understanding the following questions....

Considering the hierarchy of needs diagram in the Kerin text, what products might be developed for customers in each phase of the hierarchy? As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, what products might become more important? What new products might need to be developed to suit this group? What key trends in law, pol

Standardized vs. Adaptation Marketing Our Product to Australia

Please answer questions 1 through 3. Scenario: While on a flight home from a meeting in New York, Your boss reads in a business magazine about the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a standardized versus an adaptation approach to promoting products overseas. She has asked you to research the issue and to determin

Pursue a standardized vs an adaptation approach to promoting products overseas

Details: While on a flight home from a meeting in New York, Annette Santiago read in a business magazine about the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a standardized versus an adaptation approach to promoting your products overseas. She asked you to research the issue and to determine the better strategy for ¡Qué Rico! in

Favorite commercial feelings

Please help with the following problem. Your favorite or most memorable commercial. Explain why this particular 30 to 60-second advertisement meant so much to you. Did the advertiser accomplish their purpose? Did you buy their product or service as a result of this commercial?


Your recently submitted a report to the Vice President of Marketing recommending that the company establish a direct-marketing channel for its products. As a result of that report, the VP has decided to promote you and place you in charge of establishing a direct-marketing system where customers can purchase products directly fr

Informative Email to Committee Member

Draft an informative email to one person on the committee and a positive email to another person on the committee. In the emails explain the purpose of your presentation. Explain how these emails differ.