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Harley Davidson Marketing: Internet, Personal Selling, and Radio

(1) With the rise of the internet, customers can easily find information regarding Harley Davidson motorcycles. Doesn't this contradict Hal's emphasis on personal selling? Why or why not?

(2) Write copy for a radio advertisement for Hal's Harley. Discuss how the concept of integrated marketing communications impacted your message.

(3) What actions does/could Hal's Harley take to further build the relationship between itself and the customer after a purchase?

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No, the rise of the internet does not contradict the personal selling of Harley Davidson. The internet is a wealth of information and allows individuals to explore information about the type of Harley they may think they want, but it will be in person-to-person experience that will close the deal and sell the motorcycle. Very few (if any) individuals will be able to walk in off the street and buy the ...

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This brief solution addressed 3 direct questions regarding Harley Davidson marketing (1) impact on the internet on personal selling (2) sample radio copy and (3) relationship building recommendations.