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Internet Marketing for Harley Davidson

Please help answer the following questions.

1. Why is the Internet a particularly good promotion medium for Harley-Davidson? Discuss at least three (3) reasons.

2. What different roles could Harley-Davidson's Web site play for Harley owners, for people shopping for a motorcycle, and for people just interested in motorcycles in general?

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1. The Harley site is not just about selling motorcycles, but about the Harley experience. People can get information about new products, dealers, and parts here. They can also access apparel, information about the history of the Harley Davidson and its traditions, and events, shows, and rides. The company also has a community section where owners can discuss their bikes, their events, the issues. The company provides not just the bikes, but also the experience of being a Harley owner or ...

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The following posting discusses Harley Davidson's online marketing strategies. Concepts discussed include why the Internet is a good promotion medium and the different roles the website can play.