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Website Comparison's: Honda, Harley, Kawasaki motorcycles

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Description:Review of Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki websites

Information needed for this task is to describe the marketing tools used in each motorcycles websites. Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site.
The sites are: Harley Davidson, Honda and Kawasaki.

Include the 4 P's in marketing.

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Review and compare each website for Honda, Harley Davidson and Kawasaki motorcycle. Include the 4'Ps in marketing.
Describe the marketing tools used in each motorcycles websites. Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site.
The sites are: Harley Davidson, Honda and Kawasaki.

Marketing is the strategy which is actively use by the business to make a name in general public and promote the products. Therefore it is very necessary that the marketing strategies are clearly established and defined when the business is launched in the market. If a company lacks the marketing skills to properly promote the business then it is very difficult for the business to survive and makes profits. A business should have complete marketing plan and strategy built up and a business should have the ability to analyze the market more properly if it hopes to make any impact in the market.

4 P's of marketing
The first P is a company's product. This includes the physical features of the product or the intangible aspects of the service and covers things you do to make the product more attractive to buy.

The second P is place. Here company's make decisions about where to sell the product, or concerns about where the customers are and how to get to them and also includes the "channel of distribution" - meaning, all the different middlemen you use to get the product out to the customer.
The third P is telling the customer about the product or promotion, which is typically sub-divided into mass selling which includes advertising, sales promotion such as contests or coupons and personal (direct) selling.
Finally, the P is price. This encompasses a company's decision to decide whether they will sell at a high price offering more quality or sell at a low price to beat the competition.
There are several types of marketing tools that can be deployed to ensure effective marketing some of the marketing tools include the following:

Marketing promotional tools
These are the promotional items which the business uses to market the business. These items include brochure, business cards, and business gift items. For marketing purposes the promotional tools are very effective and if these marketing tools are deployed effectively then the marketing becomes relatively easier as the business tends to built a name in clients and other business. The marketing promotional tools are not too expensive and have a lasting impact on the clients as such marketing tools sponsor the business as long as the promotional gift is with the client. Making an investment in marketing promotional tools is a smart business especially for small organization and businesses which need promotion in the market.

Internet and online tools
One of the most common and effective marketing tool is the internet and the World Wide Web. Most business makes use of internet as a marketing tool as this medium is the most accessed platform of the world. The internet also gives the facility to implement marketing strategies at a much cheaper rate. Those businesses that have effectively used this marketing tool have converted their business into and effective source of revenue generations. There are several strategies that can be deployed over the internet for marketing purposes. More clients are attracted to businesses that are being promoted online and the sales of those product increase significantly which are promoted on the internet.

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Compared the websites for Honda, Harley Davidson and Kawasaki motorcycles. Provided an evaluation of the customer service and marketing tools available.