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Executive Summary for Hypothetical Marketing Plan

Please provide information to help write a condensed executive summary for a hypothetical marketing plan.

The summary should include a brief situation analysis, marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, financial considerations, and a timetable for implementation.

Enough detailed information is needed to discuss each aspect.

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Medical Equipment. Let's say a new-high tech X-ray machine.

This is going to be my marketing plan

Current marketing situation:

The X-ray equipment market is dominated by Jaba X-ray machines. They are the best known. Sold 10 million equipments within 5 years. They use the internet as their main sale channel. They have a payment option plan where Hospitals and clinics for Zero down and finance in two years.

Other X-ray machines such as the Toba, and GINA lurk behind in sales. Jaba controls 70% of the market.
Despite a chocked market and intense competition. RayTech (the equipment that I am marketing) can rely on numerous strengths.

First it takes pictures clearer and in fewer seconds. Secondly, it consumes less power and has the ability to retain power for 48hours. ...

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